G.R.A.D.E Certified Vendors

IDC is pleased to list the names of the companies that are G.R.A.D.E. certified.


Vendor Certified on Expiration
IBM 7/15/2008 7/15/2013
7/15/2008 7/15/2013
Hewlett Packard 7/15/2008 7/15/2013
Intechra 7/15/2008 7/15/2013
Redemtech 7/15/2008 7/15/2013
Insight Enterprises 1/15/2009 10/10/2013
TechTurn 2/15/2009 1/15/2013
GE Capital 2/15/2009 Expired
Burroughs 1/7/2010 12/7/2012
U.S. Micro 5/1/2010 4/30/2013


If you'd like to receive a copy of the Assessment Report for any of the vendors listed above, please contact David Daoud at ddaoud@idc.com.


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