Enterprise Servers: Technology Markets
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IDC's Enterprise Servers: Technology Markets service provides continuous market data and analysis of the worldwide server market. Driven by cloud, big data, and mobility, the industry is in a state of transition, thanks to dramatic change coming from both hardware and software, directly affecting servers as we know them today. Research and analysis is provided on how these trends are reshaping the server market, and how servers are likely to be built, acquired, and consumed in the future. This service also analyzes significant new product introductions and vendor strategies. The research agenda is designed to be the cornerstone for any company interested in understanding the opportunities in today's worldwide server market and to position themselves for a successful future.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Worldwide and U.S. server market share and forecasts
  • Converged and integrated systems
  • Cloud and service provider infrastructures
  • Disaggregated systems and the role of software defined
  • Virtualization and cloud system software, and the impact on servers
  • High-availability (HA) and fault-tolerant systems
  • Big Data and database servers
  • Scale-up servers and hyperscale servers
  • Worldwide and U.S. server-installed base
  • Service provider use of servers and vendor performance, strategies, and portfolios

Core Research

  • Worldwide Server Market 2016–2020 Forecast
  • Worldwide Hyperscale Server Forecast 2016–2020
  • Worldwide Server Cloud Computing 2016–2020 Forecast
  • Highly Available Server Market Forecast, 2016–2020
  • Worldwide Database Server Forecast 2016–2020
  • Annual Top 10 Predictions for the Enterprise Server Market
  • Worldwide and U.S. Installed Base Forecast
  • Worldwide Server, Power and Cooling, and Management Forecast 2016–2020
  • Worldwide Big Data Server Forecast 2016–2020

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What will the impact be from the emergence of converged systems that integrate servers, storage, and network?
  2. As cloud computing matures, how will public and private clouds shape the server market in the future? How will service provider consumption of servers impact the market?
  3. What are the next set of trends in server virtualization — virtual sprawl, management, and mobility?
  4. How will emerging server technologies, including disaggregated and composable servers, impact the industry?
  5. What impact will hyperscale, open compute and low-power servers have on volume x86 servers?
  6. How are customers evaluating on-premises versus off-premises options to address their computing needs?
  7. How will advances in the multicore processors push the x86 server upmarket to address high-end workloads?
  8. How is high availability changing in a mixed on-prem — cloud infrastructure? How is the ODM portion of the server market evolving, and how is that changing the dynamics for other market segments?

Meet the Experts More
Al Gillen
Group Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure
Ashish Nadkarni
Program Director, Enterprise Servers and Storage
Jed Scaramella
Research Director, Computing Platforms
Kevin Permenter
Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Systems