Virtual Environment Software
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IDC's Virtual Environment Software service maximizes the opportunities for success with virtual computing — software that improves an environment's performance, scalability, and/or robustness so that it goes beyond the capabilities of a single system. This service helps product, marketing, and strategic planning professionals identify the critical success factors required to build, implement, and deploy solutions based on virtual access, virtual processing, and virtual storage software as well as the newly emerging Web services software market. This service also analyzes insights from top software suppliers and IT professionals on current issues ranging from strategy to implementation.

Areas of Coverage

  • Virtual access software
  • Web services infrastructure software
  • Virtual storage software
  • Virtual processing software

Subjects Analyzed

  • Virtual user interface software supporting the
  • thin client/heavy server model
  • Web server software supporting the delivery of HTML and XML pages and interaction with
  • Web-enabled and Web-centric applications
  • Trends in virtual processing (clustering) software including parallel processing (grid computing), load balancing (service level management), availability, and full clustering software
  • Web acceleration software increasing both
  • static and dynamic Web-based application performance via caching, network routing,
  • and compression
  • Virtual storage software allowing data to survive the loss of its original host
  • Web services infrastructure software allowing
  • a virtual application environment to be created

Key Questions Answered

  1. Will Microsoft's IIS or the open-source community's Apache Web server become the leader in the Web server software market?
  2. Which virtual user interface software supplier
  3. will be the most successful?
  4. Will functional server farms become the standard Web-centric application platform?
  5. Which Web services architecture will win: Microsoft's .NET, Sun's ONE, or Oracle's
  6. Web Services?
  7. Will distributed Web-centric computing approaches replace older approaches?

Virtual Environment Software

Source: IDC

Competitive Analysis

IDC analyzes the strategies, market positions, and future directions of major vendors in the virtual environment software market. These vendors include:

Akomi, AOL/Netscape, Citrix, Covalent Technologies, FineGround Networks, GraphOn, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Inktomi, Legato, Microsoft, Novell, NSI Software, Oracle, Platform Computing, Polyserve, Red Hat, Resonate, Sistina Software, StoneSoft, Sun Microsystems, Tarantella, TurboLinux, VERITAS, webMethods, and Zembu.

Research Agenda

Throughout the year, this service will offer insight into the latest trends affecting the market. Potential studies include:

Virtual User Interface Software Distributed Graphical Access to Centralized Resources

Organizations want the benefit of the power of a PC on each desktop but would rather not incur the costs and complexity they impose. This document explores how virtual user interface software can resolve this issue.

Open-Source Web Server Software

Much of the Web server software market is open-source software freely available on the network, rather than single-vendor software. This document will evaluate if open-source software can compete.

Web Services Software — The Battle Begins

IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, and many other companies are promoting software supporting the creation of applications built on Web-based services. This document examines the different approaches.

Approaches to Virtual Processing

This study examines the different approaches that enhance the performance, scalability, availability, and manageability of a multisystem environment.

Web Server Software and Web Acceleration Software Forecast

and Analysis

This document provides a comprehensive review of leading Web server and Web acceleration software vendors and their products, revenue, and market shares as well as key trends and IDC's forecast for the next five years.

Software Overview

This service will provide software overview research, including our forecast and analysis for the entire industry as well as research on current and emerging software trends.

Software Web Conference Series

IDC's Software Web conferences feature both vendor and customer perspectives on significant industry trends. Participants will benefit from intelligence about the market outlook and investment potential. These events are also an excellent forum for asking IDC's leading analysts questions and receiving actionable, business-specific recommendations.

A Complete Intelligence Solution

IDC offers a complete market intelligence solution customized to meet your business requirements. The array of products and services available to you includes:

  • The opportunity to have your specific questions answered through personal interaction with industry experts who cover the topics and markets in your service
  • Around-the-clock access to our market intelligence on, IDC's personalized Web experience
  • A view of the market's future with 12 months of continuous intelligence about its direction and the reasons behind it, along with actionable advice for taking advantage of existing and emerging opportunities
  • Special client discount pricing on purchases of research from other services
  • Complimentary admission to IDC's annual Directions conference, where you'll hear our latest forecasts and network with IDC analysts and other industry professionals
  • Complimentary invitations to monthly executive telebriefings, interactive forums designed to provide you with insights about research and strategies directly from IDC analysts

To find out how our flexible packaging options can meet your specific business needs, please contact your IDC sales executive.

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