Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies
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In today's workplace, people have emerged as the most valuable asset to unlocking the power of information. To innovate and remain competitive, organizations need to provide the right tools, culture, and IT ecosystem for employees, business partners, suppliers, and customers to communicate and collaborate in real time and in context. Companies need to strive to meet the changing communication needs of all business constituents. IDC's Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies service addresses the confluence of file synchronization and sharing, enterprise social networks, and traditional collaboration (email, conferencing, team collaboration) as these applications and services begin to converge, integrating real-time communications and social workflow into business systems, applications, and processes.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Enterprise social networks
  • Communities
  • Email applications
  • Conferencing applications
  • Team collaborative applications (TCA)
  • File synchronization and sharing
  • Enterprise cloud content collaboration (eC3)
  • Social business technology adoption and cultural evolution

Core Research

  • Worldwide Collaborative Applications Market Analysis
  • Enterprise Social Networks Forecast and Competitive Analysis
  • Email Applications Forecast and Competitive Analysis
  • Conferencing Applications Forecast and Competitive Analysis
  • Team Collaborative Applications Forecast and Competitive Analysis
  • IDC MarketScape: Enterprise Social Networks
  • IDC MarketScape: Communities
  • Enterprise Social Networks Adoption and Buyer Case Studies

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment. Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How will the change in customer, partner, and supplier influence and relevance through new communications channels impact business models?
  2. What role will communities play in delivering a more connected enterprise?
  3. What are the business use cases and spending trends for enterprise social networks and collaborative technologies?
  4. How can vendors maximize sales growth in emerging and maturing collaborative applications markets and customer segments?
  5. How will the adoption of personally controlled productivity solutions impact enterprise communications?
  6. How will file synchronization and sharing applications support future employee productivity?
  7. How will organizations build application portfolios in the future to support changing communications channels?

Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies

Source: IDC

Companies Analyzed

IDC's Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies service reviews the strategies, market positioning, and future direction of several providers in the collaboration and social solutions market, including:

Actiance, Adobe, Atlassian, Atos (blueKiwi), AT&T, Attachmate, Avaya, Awareness Inc., Badgeville, BlackBerry, Brightidea, Bunchball, CA Technologies, Central Desktop, Cisco, Citrix, Communispace, Critical Path, Cybozu, EMC, EPiServer, Fujitsu, Google, harmon.ie, HP, Huddle, IBM, IGLOO Software, INgage Networks, InterCall, Intralinks, Jive Software, Lithium, Mango Spring, Microsoft, Mindjet, Moxie Software, Mzinga, NewsGator, Novell, ONEsite, OpenText (Vignette), Oracle, Saba Software, salesforce.com, Sendmail, SAP, SelectMinds, Sharetronix, SlideShare, Small World Labs, Socialspring, Socialtext, Sonexis, Sparta Social Networks, Spigit, Telligent, TIBCO (tibbr), Unisys, Verizon, and Zoho.

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Meet the Experts
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Research Analyst
Michael Fauscette
Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions
Vanessa Thompson
Research Director, Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies
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