Worldwide Storage Software QView
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IDC's Worldwide Storage Software QView greatly enhances clients' ability to quickly and effectively respond to today's dynamic storage software market. Understanding how the global market and segments are growing and knowing the quarterly adoption curve for new products have become business-critical needs for storage software vendors and supply chain partners. This product provides insight into customer trends by delivering worldwide vendor detail across multiple storage software segments.

Technology Coverage and Data Segmentation

This QView provides total market size and vendor share for the following functional markets and segmentations. Measurement for this QView is in vendor revenue.

Functional markets:

  • Archiving software
  • Data protection and recovery software
  • Replication software
  • Software-defined storage platforms (SDS-P)
  • Storage infrastructure software (SIS)
  • Storage and device management


  • Revenue type: New license, maintenance
  • Channels: Direct, indirect
  • Company size: Education, government, small business, medium-sized business, large business, very large business
  • Deployment type: On-premise, SaaS
  • Pricing method segment: Capacity based, host based, enclosure based
  • Storage hardware class: Entry, midrange, high end

Geographic Scope

  • Worldwide


This service is delivered on a quarterly basis via Excel pivot tables. Deliverables for this service are listed below. For a complete delivery schedule, please contact an IDC sales representative.

  • Historical data – Base bundle
  • Historical data – Smart bundle (includes channels, company size, deployment type, pricing method segment, storage HW class)

Market Coverage


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