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IDC's Digital Cameras service analyzes the worldwide PC camera and worldwide digital still camera markets from both the supply side and the demand side. It is aimed at helping vendors identify opportunities, position their products and brands, and anticipate future user requirements. The service offers analysis of technologies affecting future designs and provides vendor strategies, shipments, and forecasts. Analysis is provided for five regions: United States, Japan, Western Europe, Asia/Pacific, and rest of world (ROW). IDC's demand-side end-user survey results are also included in the service.

Markets Covered

This service covers the following segments of the digital camera market:

  • Worldwide digital cameras by technology, region, and distribution channel
  • Worldwide PC cameras by technology, region, and interface
  • Flash memory market among digital cameras
  • Technologies affecting digital camera and PC camera markets: complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), storage, and image compression

Subjects Analyzed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • What users really want from digital cameras
  • Archiving digital images
  • The impact of new standards
  • Critical price points
  • Interface development

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. Why are consumers buying digital cameras,
  2. and what will it take for total mass adoption?
  3. What competitive dynamics are affecting the digital camera market?
  4. To what degree will digital cameras replace traditional film cameras?
  5. What is driving consumers to use PC cameras?
  6. What do digital camera users do with their images?

Digital Camera Service Coverage

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Competitive Analysis

IDC's Digital Cameras service analyzes the product strategies, competitive positioning, financial viability, and overall strategic direction of major providers in the digital camera market. Companies tracked include:

Accusoft, ACD Systems, Adobe Systems, Agfa, Applied Science Fiction, Arcsoft, BenQ, Better Light, Canon, Casio, Concord Cameras, Digimarc, Divio, Epson, FujiFilm, Fujitsu, Gretag, Hewlett-Packard, IPIX, Jasc, Kodak, Konica, Lexar, Logitech,

LSI Logic, Matsushita, MegaVision, Micron, Microsoft, Microtek, Minolta, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Mustek, NewSoft, Nikon, Nokia, Ofoto, Olympus, Panasonic, Phase One, Pictos, Pixel Magic, Polaroid, Primax, Ricoh, Roxio, Samsung, Sandisk, Sanyo, Scansoft, Sharp, Shutterfly, Sipix, Snapfish, Sony, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Ulead, UMAX, Vivitar, Yashica, and Zoran.

Research Agenda

Throughout the year, this service will offer insight into the latest trends affecting the market. Potential studies include:

Worldwide Digital Camera Forecast and Analysis

This study examines trends in the various digital camera market segments and provides worldwide five-year forecasts by region, device resolution, and target market. Also included are opportunities and threats analysis, along with forecasts for average shipment value and value of shipments. In addition, forecasts for the professional mobile market and the prepress portrait market are provided.

Quarterly U.S. Digital Camera Market Share Review

Each of these quarterly studies examines U.S. digital camera market share by top vendor, analyzing key products, trends, and vendor positioning for the four calendar quarters.

Worldwide PC Camera Market Forecast and Analysis

This study examines trends in the PC camera market and provides a worldwide five-year forecast by region. Also included are opportunities and threats analysis of emerging technologies, a forecast for average shipment values, and vendor market share and value of shipments figures.

End-User Survey Research: Digital Cameras

This research examines end-user survey results for digital camera users. It includes analysis of past, current, and future trends and identifies opportunities for vendors.

Removable Storage in the Digital Camera Market

This research examines past, current, and future trends in removable storage. It includes strength analysis of CompactFlash, Smart Media, Memory Stick, floppy disk, CD-RW, and internal memory. It also provides technical information from IDC's Semiconductors research and forecasts average card values and the future strength of various media.

A Complete Intelligence Solution

IDC offers a complete market intelligence solution customized to meet your business requirements. The array of products and services available to you includes:

  • The opportunity to have your specific questions answered through personal interaction with industry experts who cover the topics and markets in your service
  • Around-the-clock access to our market intelligence on, IDC's personalized Web experience
  • A view of the market's future with 12 months of continuous intelligence about its direction and the reasons behind it, along with actionable advice for taking advantage of existing and emerging opportunities
  • Special client discount pricing on purchases of research from other services
  • Complimentary admission to IDC's annual Directions conference, where you'll hear our latest forecasts and network with IDC analysts and other industry professionals
  • Complimentary invitations to monthly executive telebriefings, interactive forums designed to provide you with insights about research and strategies directly from IDC analysts

To find out how our flexible packaging options can meet your specific business needs, please contact your IDC sales executive.

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