rssconsumer IDC RSS alerts Driving Digital Transformation in the Retail Ecosystem <P>This IDC Survey includes comprehensive insights into the market dynamics currently shaping the IT services landscape of the retail industry in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) based on the findings of IDC's 2017 Annual Business and IT Services Survey. This study analyzes the spending intentions of IT and line-of-business buyers in the retail industry engaging with external SPs to build or implement innovation initiatives using digital transformation (DX). This report highlights a retail organization's digital transformation adoption patterns and its focus on DX initiatives.</P><P>The survey was conducted between December 2016 and January 2017, and 1,302 business and IT services decision makers across industries were interviewed among 13 APEJ markets.</P><P>"The retail industry in Asia/Pacific is at the forefront of digital transformation, with investments in DX technologies expected to double by 2019. Reinforcing this trend, we see retailers across Asia/Pacific clearly prioritizing the improvement of their networks, cybersecurity, and datacenters to build foundational capabilities that further expand digital initiatives across their business ecosystems. Service providers and vendors need to adapt their offerings, integrating 3rd Platform technologies with core retail functions to help retailers in the journey to converge their digital and physical channels," says Rijo George Thomas, senior market analyst, IDC's Asia/Pacific Business and IT Services Research.</P> IDC Survey Thu, 20 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT Rijo George Thomas, Cathy Huang E3 2017: Beyond the Headlines <P>This IDC Market Perspective revisits the home game console competitive dynamic in light of news broken at last month's E3 event in Los Angeles. Specific topics addressed include the quality of the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation VR games pipelines in 2H17 and 2018 and the likely impact that the Xbox One X's debut this November will have on the TV-based games industry through the end of 2018.</P><P>"The Switch's strong games lineup through early 2018 at a minimum suggests that Nintendo's rebound in the home console space will continue well into next year, and all eyes will be on the Xbox One X this holiday season to see if Microsoft's bet on premium 4K gaming and entertainment in the living room will pay off and reduce demand for Sony's PS4 Pro." — Lewis Ward, research director of Gaming and VR/AR</P> Market Perspective Thu, 20 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT Lewis Ward 中国保险行业IT解决方案市场份额研究 2016:保持平稳增长 <P> "2016年中国保险行业市场保持强劲增长势头,结构进一步优化,保障能力进一步加强,中国保监会密集出台一系列的监管政策,强化保险回归风险保障的本质,规范险企健康发展,中国保险行业已进入一个服务国家治理体系和治理能力现代化的新格局。近年来,中国保险行业积极寻求业务创新,积极开展'互联网+'的模式创新,取得了积极的成果。未来几年,中国保险行业信息化将继续朝着支持业务创新和管理创新的方向发展,除了核心业务系统将会继续成为重点领域外,中国保险行业IT解决方案市场将更加关注产品与渠道创新和风险控制等,相应的解决方案将成为中国保险行业解决方案市场投资增长较快的子市场。IDC预计,2021年中国保险行业IT解决方案的整体市场规模将达到14652.15百万元,2017–2021年的年均复合增长率为22.35%。"IDC行业研究与咨询服务部高级研究经理方正说。</P> Market Share Thu, 20 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT Frank Fang 2017年 国内の金融分野における 第3のプラットフォーム需要動向調査 <P>本調査レポートは、国内金融機関(銀行、保険、証券/その他金融サービス)における第3のプラットフォームの支出額の2016年の実績、2017年~2021年の予測を提供する。また、国内金融機関における第3のプラットフォーム、およびイノベーションアクセラレーター需要動向、ケーススタディについて分析する。さらに国内金融機関において本格的な事業化が開始している「FinTech」の展望に関して分析を行う。国内金融機関の「FinTech」の取り組み、および関連IT支出額予測に加えて、他の産業分野の企業への波及効果を含めた「FinTechエコシステム」の分析、および関連IT支出規模を提供する。</P><P>国内金融機関の多くで、新たなビジネス創出、商品/サービス強化を目的に新たなIT利活用を模索しており、第3のプラットフォーム、イノベーションアクセラレーターの活用が拡大している。特に多くの金融機関において「FinTech」ソリューションの提供、利用が本格化しており、今後第3のプラットフォーム、イノベーションアクセラレーターの支出を促進するとみている。さらに金融機関に留まらず、スタートアップ企業、他の産業分野を含む「FinTechエコシステム」が構築され、多くの企業の業務/システムに効果が波及するとみている。</P><P>「ITサプライヤーは、金融機関を中心とした「FinTechエコシステム」構築に向けて積極的に支援することが有効である」とIDC Japan ITスペンディンググループのリサーチマネージャーである市村 仁は分析している。</P> Industry Development and Models Wed, 19 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT Hitoshi Ichimura 2017年 国内企業におけるITサービス購買行動の変化 <P>本調査レポートは、デジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)が本格化する中で、国内企業のITサービス購買行動、パートナーの選定などがどのように変わっているのかを調査した結果をまとめたものである。国内企業のIT部門、業務部門(ITユーザー部門)に対するアンケート調査と、直接取材から構成されている。</P><P>DXプロジェクトにおいて、企業のITサービス購買行動、ベンダー選定基準が変わる部分と、既存システム時と同様の変わらない部分がある。企業のDXパートナーを目指す企業は、変わっていく部分、変わらない部分を、企業ごとに見極めつつ、DX時代の営業、マーケティング体制を構築していかなくてはならない。「企業のDXパートナーを目指すベンダーは、企業がパートナーに求める基準に変化が起きているのかを見極めつつ、デジタルとアナログを融合した顧客アプローチ、営業/マーケティング戦略を考えていく必要がある」と、IDC Japan リサーチのグループディレクターである寄藤 幸治は述べている。</P> Industry Development and Models Wed, 19 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT Yukiharu Yorifuji Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Nations and Internet of Things: A Comparative Assessment <P>This IDC study provides a comparative assessment of the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) nations according to their readiness for the continued adoption of the Internet of Things (loT) and ability to facilitate its accelerated development in the near future. The study outlines the methodology used for scoring, weighting, and ranking each nation in relation to the nation's opportunity for loT development and provides an in-depth discussion on the rank-ordered results for each country. It includes a future outlook and concludes with some essential guidance for loT vendors and service providers currently assessing market potential for revenue as a result of the increasing adoption of the loT in APEJ countries, as well as for APEJ nations on how to raise their investment appeal.</P><P>"Countries are keen to become or maintain a competitive advantage, and as such, they are looking to the Internet of Things as one of those initiatives," says Hugh Ujhazy, associate vice president, Internet of Things, IDC Asia/Pacific. "Knowing where a country stands in the loT index will help global and local IT vendors know what opportunities lie ahead of them as they line up their strategies at federal, local, and enterprise levels."</P><P>"IDC's assessment of the APEJ nations' capacity to develop loT opportunities reveals some surprising results," adds Shaily Shah, research manager, Internet of Things, IDC Asia/Pacific. "Not all countries are created equal, and sheer GDP size alone is not necessarily the best predictor of a country's readiness for and ability to accelerate the development of the loT."</P> Market Perspective Wed, 19 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT Hugh Ujhazy, Shaily Shah, Adam Wright Mobile Consumer Preferences: Examining Preferences in an Evolving Market <P>This IDC Presentation highlights the results of IDC's <I>2017 U.S. Mobile Consumer Services Survey</I>. The survey was completed in April 2017, with 2,001 respondents from numerous states and varying age ranges. The purpose of the survey was to gauge consumer interest in various topics of the mobile industry including device preference, carrier and plan preferences, use of fixed voice and broadband, interest in additional services, satisfaction with services, and several other topics.</P> IDC Survey Wed, 19 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT Brian Haven, Carrie MacGillivray Worldwide Wearable Computing Device Forecast Update, 2017–2021: CY 3Q17 <P>This IDC study presents an updated five-year forecast for the worldwide wearables market.</P><P>"Following the events at CES, MWC, and Baselworld, there is clear reason to believe that the wearables market is on the rise again," says Ramon T. Llamas, research manager for IDC's Wearables team. "Increased participation from multiple fronts, continued investment in platform development, and device evolution will push total volumes even higher in 2017, and to build a base of users worldwide that will need continued refreshment and replacement. What has yet to occur, however, is the case for wearables becoming must-have devices, which will prevent explosive growth going forward."</P> Market Forecast Wed, 19 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT Ramon T. Llamas Amazon and Whole Foods: The Payments Perspective <P>This IDC Perspective delves into the acquisition of Whole Foods Market Inc. by Amazon Inc. The acquisition will have broad implications across multiple sectors in the economy, including payments. It not only demonstrates many of the issues facing retailers at the point of sale but also offers vendors in the payment space — including POS manufacturers, payment processors, ISOs, and others — an opportunity to help those retailers adapt their strategies for accepting payments as well as understanding how transactions can be a part of the omni-channel experience.</P><P>"The Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods represents both a challenge and an opportunity for retailers and their payment vendors," said James Wester, research director for Worldwide Payment Strategies at IDC Financial Insights and the author of the document. "By investing in physical locations, Amazon is confirming the importance of the omni-channel experience, and transaction data plays a key role in that experience. Payment vendors are in a unique position to help retailers further their omni-channel strategies."</P> IDC Perspective Tue, 18 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT James Wester Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Internet of Things Forecast and Analysis, 2017–2021 <P>This IDC study analyzes the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) Internet of Things market and provides IDC's third forecast for the region for IoT installed base and revenue opportunity by technology segment and country. The IoT ecosystem revenue includes connectivity, infrastructure, purpose-built IoT platforms, applications, security, analytics, storage, servers, and services attributable to the base of installed IoT systems. "IoT across Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) is growing in depth and breadth as organizations and enterprises start to execute on their IoT strategies to enhance productivity and efficiency, capitalize on new technologies such as software-defined networking and next-generation industrial automation, and embrace digital transformation," says Bill Rojas, adjunct research director, IDC Asia/Pacific. "We are still in the early stages of IoT adoption and ecosystem development with industrial IoT, telematics, smart grids, smart buildings, and smart homes leading the way in terms of use cases," he added.</P> Market Forecast Tue, 18 Jul 2017 04:00:00 GMT Bill Rojas, Hugh Ujhazy