rssmarketingandsales IDC RSS alerts VMware Acquires Mobile APM Company Apteligent <P>On May 15, VMware announced it had acquired Apteligent, a provider of mobile application performance management (APM) solutions. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. VMware was one of the investors in Apteligent and participated in its $30.0 million Series C funding round in May 2014. In total, Apteligent raised more than $48 million. According to IDC's research, Apteligent generated $17.7 million in revenue in 2015, giving it a 0.6% share of the APM market that year.</P> IDC Link Tue, 30 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Dan Yachin IDC's Worldwide Marketing and Intelligence Taxonomy, 2017 <P>This IDC study is a reference guide for budget management and cost control. It can serve as the foundation for sales, marketing, and finance executives to better demonstrate fiscal management capabilities to C-level executives and to improve decision-making processes based on standardized resource allocations.</P><P>"Using IDC's marketing taxonomy, coupled with benchmarking against IDC's industry-leading Technology Marketing Benchmarks database, will enable executives to advance their investment management capabilities," says Rich Vancil, group vice president of IDC's Executive Advisory Group. "Executives should use this taxonomy guide as a tool to optimize return on their activities and expenses across the marketing functions."</P> Taxonomy Wed, 24 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Andrew LeClair, Gerry Murray, Kathleen Schaub, Richard Vancil IT Buyer Experience Survey 2016: Examining Buyer Attitudes Toward Brand Marketing Practices <P>This IDC Survey highlights how digital transformation affects the attitudes and preferences of buyers toward the marketing practices of the tech brands they buy? Further, this IDC Survey examines results from IDC's 2016 <I>IT Buyer Experience Survey</I>. IDC finds that some changes are predictable — line-of-business buyers continue to hold the reigns in most tech purchases, for example. Millennial-age decision makers dramatically prefer digital sources of information when compared with older buyers. However, many findings of this survey run counter to prevailing expectations. Essential guidance is provided about how marketers can improve conversion by leveraging insights into what really matters to buyers.</P><P>"The tectonic shift in commercial communication has little to do with whether buyers like specific media channels and much more to do with the power that the digital transformation puts into buyers' hands," says Kathleen Schaub, vice president, CMO Advisory and Customer Experience. "Brands are advised to spend less time worrying about how much video should be in their campaigns and more time making sure they offer their customers a true buying service."</P> IDC Survey Tue, 23 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Kathleen Schaub, Gerry Murray What Are the Top 3 Consulting Skills Necessary to Digital Strategy Consulting Engagements in Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan)? <P>This IDC Survey Spotlight analyzes the results of IDC's <I>Digital Enterprise Strategy Survey</I> of 212 respondents from the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) region from large companies with more than US$800 million of annual revenue, including business and IT respondents. This IDC Survey Spotlight focuses on the perception and use of external consultants for digital-related initiatives.</P><P>The document contains data from IDC's <I>Dig</I><I>ital Enterprise Strategy </I><I>Survey</I>, which was completed in December 2016. IDC conducted this survey to understand how organizations characterize digital strategy, the issues that motivate the use of external consultants for digital consulting activities, the perception of the value provided by external consultants, and the extent of spending on external consultants for digital strategy services.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Mon, 22 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Linus Lai Toshiba Elevates the MFP User Experience: 2017 LEAD Conference <P>This IDC Market Note provides an overview of Toshiba's fifth LEAD (Learn Engage Act Deliver) conference, which was held May 2–5 in Orlando, Florida, at the Swan and Dolphin Resort. The conference brought in 1,350 Toshiba end users, resellers, business partners, and industry media and analysts. Attendees experienced the unveiling of Elevate, a customizable user interface (UI) focusing on eight vertical markets, along with additional Toshiba solutions and devices on display at the product fair.</P> Market Note Thu, 18 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Allison Correia Dreamforce: A Case Study on Premier Customer Event Execution <P>This IDC Buyer Case Study examines how Salesforce has used its Dreamforce event as a foundational pillar of the company's marketing strategy and also highlights how the Dreamforce team executes on each of the four key characteristics of successful modern events and provides actionable insights for event marketing practitioners.</P><P>Even in this digital era, technology companies continue to grow their event budgets. However, today's successful events are much different from the past. The information documented in this case study is a result of IDC's interviews with Salesforce's Julie Liegl, senior vice president, Strategic Events.</P> Buyer Case Study Wed, 17 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Andrew LeClair, Kathleen Schaub Services Over Platforms: Salesforce Acquires Sequence to Accelerate the Journey to Enterprise Cloud <P>This IDC Market Note examines the acquisition of Sequence, a San Francisco– and New York–based user experience design agency, by the cloud and CRM giant Salesforce, as the acquisition leans into the creative side of next-generation digital consulting services and helps accelerate enterprise journeys and shorten the path to cloud computing. Sequence is ambitious, taking aim at the reinvention of digital transformation (DX) and business consulting, by joining Salesforce to more aggressively apply Agile techniques to DX and the multitude of enterprise journeys to enterprise cloud.</P> Market Note Tue, 16 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Michael Versace, Douglas Hayward IBM Heralds the Age of Cognitive for Manufacturers at Amplify and InterConnect 2017 <P>This IDC Perspective provides IDC Manufacturing Insights' summary of the recently held IBM Amplify and IBM InterConnect, which were held concurrently in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 19–23, 2017. Together, the two conferences drew a crowd of 20,000 attendees that included customers, partners, industry analysts, and IBM employees.</P><P>According to Heather Ashton, research manager, IDC Manufacturing Insights, "IBM Amplify and IBM InterConnect 2017 placed a spotlight on cognitive, with Watson, IBM's cognitive core technology, permeating customer engagement, IoT, supply chain, and cloud offerings."</P> IDC Perspective Thu, 11 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Heather Ashton, Simon Ellis, Robert Parker IDC Financial Insights' Worldwide Insurance Taxonomy, 2017 <P>This IDC study provides a functional structure of the global insurance industry. It focuses on the business lines and functions within insurance that drive technology spending and provides the fundamental organization behind IDC Financial Insights' IT spending forecasts as well as a means of organizing ongoing research.</P><P>According to Karen Massey, senior analyst, IDC Financial Insights, "This taxonomy serves as the foundation document in terms of technology and business processes for both technology vendors and insurers to understand IDC Financial Insights' perspective on insurance research and market forecasts."</P> Taxonomy Wed, 10 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Sabitha Majukumar, Karen Massey Thailand Retail Overview 2017 <P>This 2017 IDC Retail Insights Thailand Retail Overview report delivers a concise current state view of Thailand's retail industry market trend and insight into IT spending and ecommerce growth. Retail executives, IT managers, and technology vendors can use this information when looking to understand Thailand's retail industry, IT spending, and market trends.</P><P>"Thailand's retail industry is expected to maintain its growth potential, and further retail space development is expected to fuel growth and accelerate IT spending for Thailand's retail industry. The young population, growing middle-class population, and urbanization are driving retail sales and expected to increase the online retail growth positively," says Mike Ghasemi, research director, IDC Retail Insights Asia/Pacific.</P> Insights Presentation Wed, 10 May 2017 04:00:00 GMT Mike Ghasemi