CIO in Action: The Resiliency Spectrum

Hong Kong

June 8, 2021

IDC Hong Kong CIO Summit Agenda

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IDC Opening Keynote - Thriving in Challenging Times

Simon Piff
Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

2020 brought many changes to how business realise they need to operate, and the role of the CIO and IT has been thrust to the forefront in ways never before imagined. The organization has realized how critical technology is to its capability to function, but some organizations have also discovered how not just to survive, but how to win during these challenging times.

IDC has distilled much of the learning and will share how organizations have managed to quickly pivot to the new demands of the economy, the environment and the business and what it means to be a CIO in a successful organization that is becoming Digitally Resilient.


Panel Discussion - Building an integrated experience to deliver on what your customers want

Hon Chew Seetoh
Regional Sales Director, ASEAN, Boomi
Simon Piff
Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

Out with the fragmented experience, in with the integrated experience.

As an organisation amongst a sea of competing (and even non-competing) organisations, how will you set yourself apart in the eyes of your customers, partners and employees? It boils down to overcoming organisational barriers such as data silo and data overwhelm to give your stakeholders what they want fast and offer a consistent experience across channels.

Finding technology that will connect not just systems apps and databases but devices, processes and people, will be key to delivering the integrated experience that your stakeholders expect in today’s world.

Join our session to find out:

  • How leveraging integration and pervasive connectivity can unify all your endpoints to create a seamless experience across your organisation, customers and partners.
  • How your organisation can uncover and leverage data across multiple sources – dark, hidden or other.
  • How data silos can be broken down to unlock productivity and enable a holistic view of the user journey.
  • How integration can help to gain a comprehensive view of your customers to anticipate and respond to their specific needs and expectations.

Thought Leadership Presentation by AWS

Olivier Klein
Chief Technologist, APAC, AWS

The “minimally optimal” – Embracing a new IT agility post-pandemic

Sam Tan
Chief Innovation Officer, HKBN Group
As our way of work gets reshaped in the post-COVID times – often throwing existing business continuity plans out the window – IT takes on the bulk of heavy lifting needed to maintain business resiliency and deliver (via minimal investment) seamless user experiences. Exploding online loads, remote work requests, new cyberthreats, technology adoption, cost reduction, O2O transformation – and worst of all, IT Talent attrition – are just some of the everyday tech support challenges IT leaders are tasked with. Now more than ever, solutions must be innovative, effective, and efficient. They should deliver the results businesses need to maintain their growth momentum, even with constrictive budgets. In this session, you will learn how agility is delivered via actionable initiatives and best-fit applications, illustrated with examples. 

Shifting in Gear for the Cloud

Dave Sohigian
Global Chief Technology Officer, Workday

The motivation for shifting to the cloud needs to be about business benefits, not simply lowering costs. Simplifying your infrastructure is certainly one benefit of moving to the Cloud, but business transformation should be the priority. In this session you will learn how Workday customers have benefited from our unique Cloud Architecture in their digital transformation.


Invited Speaker Presentation by Airport Authority Hong Kong

Lily Lai
Chief Information Officer, Airport Authority Hong Kong

Post Pandemic: How to Meet the Next New Challenge

Peter Doherty
Principal Consultant APJ, ServiceNow
Gina Smith, PhD
Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific

As Hong Kong organizations move from reactivity toward proactivity, IT leaders need to retain the influence and voice they’ve gained as a result of the pandemic. Continued digital innovation demands it. In this lively fireside chat, IDC analyst Gina Smith, PhD and ServiceNow principal consultant Peter Doherty dig into operational resilience moving forward. What enterprise considerations matter most right now? Join us.


Thought Leadership Presentation / Panel Discussion


How can the FinTech ecosystem collaborate with the incumbent companies to thrive after the pandemic?

Dr. Oriol Caudevilla
Strategic Advisor, ETFCool | Advisor, ixFintech | Fellow, Digital Euro Association | Scientific Advisor, Israeli Blockchain Association

FinTech is fostering innovation in financial services globally and changing the nature of commerce and user expectations for financial services.

If there was no doubt of the importance of FinTech, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has certainly confronted the whole world with an unprecedented challenge, has turbocharged a FinTech revolution worldwide in general. COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior, quite likely forever, and all the industries need to adapt, including the banking and financial services industry. Digital transformation has quickly become the top priority for those countries not wanting to be left behind.

The pandemic has undeniably acted as a catalyst in enabling rapid adoption and use of FinTech platforms as contactless offerings become the new norm, among many other examples.

Incumbents initially saw the rise of FinTech with concern, but, now, most of them have realized that, in order for them to grow and grasp all the opportunities, they need to collaborate somehow with the FinTech world. Given the fact that challengers and incumbents alike try to cater to the ever-evolving expectations of customers, their relationship is becoming more and more collaborative.

However, what comes next? How can the FinTech ecosystem collaborate with the incumbent companies to thrive after the pandemic?

In my talk, I will focus on how the financial services industry should refocus on reopening and rebuilding the economy and how Fintech and digital technology enablers will influence the future of banking and finance worldwide, but paying special attention to Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Asia’s emerging economies.


End of CIO Summit 2021 Hong Kong


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