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Hong Kong

May 26, 2022

IDC Hong Kong CIO Summit Agenda

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The Adventure Begins: Forging the Path Ahead

Simon Piff
Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

Innovation Forward: What’s Next After Digital Transformation?

Gina Smith, PhD
Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific
Albert Li
Managing Director, North Asia, ServiceNow

The pandemic widely accelerated digital transformation efforts in Asia, but what happens after the dust settles? Instead of reacting to change, leading Asia enterprises must turn to digital innovation in the post DX era. Join IDC analyst Gina Smith, PhD, and ServiceNow’s North Asia Managing Director Albert Li as they explore how enterprises can streamline their digital innovation efforts in a post-DX world, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Harnessing Data in Motion for Innovation

Christopher Lee Marshall
Associate Vice President, Data, Analytics and AI, IDC Asia/Pacific
Richard Koh
Area Vice President, Asia, Confluent

Data in Motion is definitely a topic of the moment. We see enterprises across HK and across the region engaging in Digital transformation initiatives and this is providing companies with vast amounts of data that they want to use to improve their operations, and every aspect of their engagements with customers, but doing this requires timely interventions, so managing data in motion is almost an inevitable consequence of any digital transformation initiative.

In this session, we will discuss the scope real time analytics has for innovation, both continuous innovation and radical innovation in the enterprise. And how Real time AI becomes a necessary complement to data in motion as well as a key component in driving enterprise innovation and experimentation.


Accelerating new services and innovation with 5G and Multi-Cloud

Chung Ng
SVP (Technology, Strategy & Development), PCCW-HKT

5G is much more than a network – it’s a platform for innovation with the ability to enable use cases that we haven’t even dreamed of. Together with Multi-Cloud, the practice of running applications on more than one public cloud, they can empower the innovations and rapid prototyping of connected products and services that expand current advances. 

  • Corporate innovation: embrace changes and continuous enhancements
  • Key factors to consider in 5G setup and choices of multi-cloud (hybrid)
  • Our use cases in Telemedicine, AR-based & Drone field service, AR Lens etc 



Leading the change in the digital first world with outcome driven IT

Ernest Lin
General Manager, Kyndryl Hong Kong
Francis Ng
Cloud Practice Leader, Asia, Kyndryl
Avneesh Saxena
Group Vice President, Domain Research Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

IDC predicts that by 2024, digital-first enterprises enable empathetic customer experiences and resilient operating models by shifting 50% of all tech and services spending to as-a-service and outcomes-centric models. This could mean a fundamental change in how enterprises procure and deploy IT today. As business innovation, customer experience, data insights become critical goals for business success, enterprises will want to partner with trusted technology players who understand the imperative and urgency to build digital ready IT. 

In this fireside chat, we discuss the emergence of achieving business outcomes with right IT, the blueprint of a digital ready infrastructure and partnering with trusted technology players to achieve those tech and business goals.


Innovation Multiplied: Secure DevOps

Gina Smith, PhD
Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific
Lawrence Crowther
Head of Solutions Engineering APJ, Snyk

Technology has been moving fast and furious in the past two years as industries strive for resilience in their digital transformation journey. In 2022, digital innovation will continue to accelerate, but now enterprises must take into account security considerations, too. After all, this is a journey of continuous improvement for long-term success. It's time we start talking about security.

  • How does Asia compare to other global regions in DevSecOps adoption?
  • What are the main drivers of DevSecOps adoption across Asia/Pacific?
  • What are the obstacles?
  • How will organizations bridge the long-standing cultural divide between developers and security?



How NOT to automate? Common pit falls during transformation

Linus Lai
Vice President, Software and Services Research Group, IDC Asia/Pacific
Anthony Chung
Manager, Digital Service & Operations Management, BMC

Since the pandemic, Automation has played a heavier role than ever. Every company has automation projects in the pipeline, in some way or another. Not all are guaranteed success, where some does not realize their ROI in years.  Learn from experts with years of transformation experience, on not just WHAT to automate, but HOW to get there. More importantly, what are the common expensive mistakes that people can make, and how to avoid them.


Fun Break


eMPF Digital Ecosystem - The potential for FinTech to transform the way MPF operate

Darron Sun
Vice Chairman, IFTA & Vice Chairman, eMPF Committee, IFTA

Currently, the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) schemes operate under a decentralized landscape. There are about 4.5 million scheme members with about 10 million accounts in 27 MPF schemes administered by 13 trustees either internally or through third-party administrators, involving 12 scheme administration platforms with different standards. The multiple business models, data standards, process designs, and administration system infrastructure of the MPF System have made it difficult to achieve standardization and economies of scale.

The eMPF Platform is a major infrastructure that aims to reshape the administrative models of MPF schemes and to standardize, streamline and automate the existing scheme administrative processes.  Through the adoption of new technologies and future-proof innovative solutions, the Platform will provide comprehensive MPF scheme administration services to 4.5 million MPF scheme members and 300,000 employers, bringing about revolutionary changes to the MPF ecosystem.

eMPF is not only the largest IT project ever in Hong Kong, but also the most significant digital transformation activity in the pension industry. This session will provide an overview of the eMPF platform and the potential for FinTech to transform the way MPF operates and the opportunities in the ecosystem.


Digital-First Enterprises Lead with Software Innovation Agenda

Avneesh Saxena
Group Vice President, Domain Research Group, IDC Asia/Pacific
Vishal Ghariwala
Chief Technology Officer, APJ and Greater China, SUSE

A key differentiator in the transformation strategy going forward is going to be the software innovation that is led by digital-first enterprises. The pace of innovation will largely depend on how well executives, developers and IT operations stakeholders work together. As per a recent software survey, majority of Hong Kong technology buyers indicated creating new revenue streams, improving customer loyalty, aligning business goals with software development as the top software innovation priorities in the next few years. This trend is driving organisations to build ecosystems that help them deliver better on customer, employee & partner expectations.  In this session we will have a dynamic discussion on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that tech buyers have in this space.


Turning the tide on the Great Resignation: Why CIO leaders should care?

Damian Leach
Chief Technology Officer, Workday APJ

Workforce around the globe has displayed elevated risk of attrition with the evolving expectations about the future of work. In this talk we will discuss how a more agile organisation can both survive and thrive to close the digital acceleration gap and continue to drive business growth.


End of CIO Summit 2022 Hong Kong


Digital Roundtable: Strategies for bringing order to the data chaos [By invitation only]

Christopher Lee Marshall
Associate Vice President, Data, Analytics and AI, IDC Asia/Pacific
Yew Beng Lim
Head, Value Engineering, APJ, Alteryx

According to a 2021 IDC study, 94% of business, IT and digital leaders agree that data analytics is important to stay relevant and competitive. However, in Asia-Pacific only 19% of companies are proficient in the use of analytics. 


Hurdles to better use of data and analytics tools come down to difficulty in using the tools, a lack of data literacy, lineage and integrity, and the proliferation of unmanaged tools.  


In this session, we have invited a select group of executives to discuss how to bring order to ongoing data chaos, achieve the promised benefits of data and analytics, enhance the value of finance to the business, and improve your business’ competitive resilience. 


The virtual, but interactive, roundtable will address issues including: 

  • Bringing calm into the complexity of analytics and data products (analytics automation) 
  • Recognizing where your organisation is in the analytics maturity journey and uplifting everyone to the same level 
  • Developing a unified approach to analytics 

 Join us and let us together bring order into our data and analytics strategy, to achieve the ROIs promised to us at the start of our transformation journey. 


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