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June 22, 2022

IDC India CIO Summit Agenda

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Navigating CIO Challenges : IDC Opening Keynote

Vasant Rao
Managing Director, IDC India & South Asia

Cloud Cyber Risks - What You Need to Know & How to Minimize Cloud Cyber Risks : Title Partner Session by CrowdStrike

Fabio Fratucello
Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific and Japan, CrowdStrike

Organizations have faced increased cyber threats in 2021, with cloud environments becoming regular targets by adversaries. Despite this, many organizations are continuing to accelerate their digital journey and looking at increasingly shifting to cloud for the benefits. Is there a way for organizations to continue shifting to the cloud while increasing their cloud environment security posture and minimizing cyber risks?

  • 2022 overview of threat landscape
  • The major cyber threats to cloud environment
  • Recommendations to protect your organizations

Digital Technology at Work - People.Innovation.Connection : A Fireside Chat with ServiceNow

Sharath Srinivasamurthy
Research Director, Enterprise Solutions & ICT Practices, IDC India
Venugopal Arcot Subbarao
Sr. Director - Solution Consulting, ServiceNow

Connected enterprises are the order of the day. Gone are the days when you look at employees, customers, partners in silo. The real differentiator for your enterprise comes when you empower people with optimized processes, connect silos for seamless experiences, and create new value by enabling innovation.


Powering New Customer Experiences with Data in Motion : A Fireside Chat with Confluent

Sharath Srinivasamurthy
Research Director, Enterprise Solutions & ICT Practices, IDC India
Richard Koh
Area Vice President, Asia, Confluent
Akash Deep Verma
Director - Data Engineering, Delhivery

Today's enterprise needs to make business decisions in real time because it's competing in real time, as business happens in real time. "Big data" was a phrase that used to only mean data at rest and batch processing, but the advent of data in motion is changing that. In this fireside chat, we will discuss how enterprises can leverage data in motion, use cases and guidance to IT decision makers on how to go on the journey of data in motion. We also discuss how Delhivery, a leading supply chain and logistics firm in India is leveraging data in motion for better and real time decision making. 


Data, Analytics & AI but still no Intelligence? The missing puzzle to "Enterprise Intelligence" : Keynote by IDC

Rishu Sharma
Associate Research Director, Cloud & Artificial Intelligence, IDC India

Harnessing the power of enterprise data is non-negotiable. Indian enterprises cite leveraging data as amongst their top priorities for 2022. Organizations are relying on the transformational power of intelligent technologies like analytics, automation and AI, for making real-time business decisions. But are they truly gaining "Enterprise Intelligence"?

The question, thus, one needs to answer is what is the missing link to becoming an intelligent enterprise?  How do organizations deliver insights at scale for attaining business outcomes on efficiencies and decision-making?

This session will cover guidance on overcoming the challenges on the intelligence journey and finding the missing piece to "Enterprise Intelligence" puzzle.


"From collected data to connected data using graph technology" : A Fireside Chat with Neo4j

Sharath Srinivasamurthy
Research Director, Enterprise Solutions & ICT Practices, IDC India
Rahul Tenglikar
Sales Director, India - Neo4j

Applying knowledge in the correct context is the single most powerful lever for success that most businesses have at their disposal. This need for applicable knowledge has led to the rise of knowledge graphs for complex decision making.

A knowledge graph places data in context, enriching its meaning and utility. When applied effectively, knowledge graphs provide clarity about enterprise data, processes, products, and customers.


Digital Innovation at Scale - The need for modernizing your application delivery model : A Fireside Chat with SUSE

Rijo George Thomas
Research Manager, Enterprise Application Services, IDC Asia/Pacific Software & Services Research Group
Vishal Ghariwala
Chief Technology Officer, APJ and Greater China, SUSE

A key differentiator in the transformation strategy moving forward is going to be the software innovation that is led by digital-first enterprises. The pace of innovation will largely depend on how well executives, developers and IT operations stakeholders work together.

As per a recent IDC software survey, 60% of enterprises in India indicated that they have developed a software-driven product or service that has led to a new business opportunity. This trend is driving organizations to accelerate software innovation ecosystems that help them deliver better on customer, employee & partner expectations.  A critical roadblock in an enterprise’s ambition to scale software-driven innovations is the challenge from legacy applications and the lack of modern development practices. In this session, we will have a dynamic discussion on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that tech buyers have in this space.


The Role of CIO in Fast Tracking ESG Goals : IDC Closing Session

Heminder Singh Ahluwalia
Adjunct Research Advisor, IDC India

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is increasingly becoming a barometer for investors, public, employees and customers to evaluate an organization against how it consumes resources and contributes back to the planet. Whilst businesses will continue to focus towards achieving the stated ESG goals, there is increasing pressure on the CIO to accelerate the journey using technology and tools available. It also presents an opportunity for the CIO to showcase the value IT organization can bring towards fulfilling the ESG vision. In this presentation we will look at the pivotal role a CIO plays using data as a key enabler in fast tracking ESG goals.


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