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ASEAN | October 7, 2021

IDC ASEAN DX Summit Agenda

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Acceleration, Intelligence, Resilience: Leading with an AIR of Authority in the Digital First World

Sudev Bangah
Managing Director, IDC ASEAN

Decoding Right-Sized AI for ITSM & ITOM Success

Christopher Lee Marshall
Associate Vice President, Data, Analytics and AI, IDC Asia/Pacific
Nirmal Krishnamoorthy
Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

A recent multinational survey (850 respondents) conducted by IDG sheds light on how AI is rapidly emerging as a gamechanger in the effort to upgrade and modernize ITSM & ITOM capabilities. Nearly 70% of  IT managers said AI would be critical or very important in these efforts. This broad enthusiasm for AI is evident by the technology’s adoption within many organizations. More than one-quarter (27%) of the survey respondents have fully deployed AI-enabled ITSM/ITOM solutions, and another 34% have made initial deployments in select use cases and departments. 


Creating Intelligence with Data: Why Your Analytics Roadmap is the Largest Business Asset

Sudev Bangah
Managing Director, IDC ASEAN
Deepak Ramanathan
Vice President, Global Technology Practice, SAS

The Best Practice of Digital-First for Customer-First Strategy

Joanne Avendano
Head of GCash Customer Experience Management, Mynt (Globe Fintech Innovations Inc.)
Malcolm Koh
Director of CX Practice, Global Customer Engagement, Zendesk
Simon Piff
Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

Digital Transformation in the Logistic Industry

Xingtong Su
Head of Innovation Solutions, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Malaysia
Dharmaraj Sivalingam
Senior Research Manager, IDC Malaysia

Leveraging Technology to Build Resiliency: ASEAN Leading Organisation Perspective

Khairil Anwar Rahmat
Research Manager, IDC Malaysia
SK Agrawal
President and Program Director of Global ERP and Digital Transformation, Indorama Ventures PCL
Aadrin Azly
Chief Digital Officer, PETRONAS

AI and Automation Adoption as a Catalyst for Digital Innovation and Resiliency

Ramprakash Ramamoorthy
Director - AI Research, ManageEngine
Dharmaraj Sivalingam
Senior Research Manager, IDC Malaysia
IDC's April 2021 survey of more than 2,000 IT and line-of-business (LOB) decision makers confirms that
the adoption of artificial intelligence is growing worldwide. Of all AI initiatives, 37% are already in
production, and more than one-third are in advanced development stages. AI is profound and is
impacting businesses and organizations across industries. Early adopters report 39% improvement in
customer experience (CX) and 33% improvement in employee efficiency and accelerated innovation
with rollout of AI solutions in 2020, which is a double-digit surge in improvement of business outcomes
compared with 2019. And organizations are reporting an increase in their AI spending this year.

Accelerated innovation is the primary business objective for AI/machine learning (ML) adoption. Around
half of the large enterprises report it to be their number 1 driver. AI-powered automation plans were
accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic across all geographies. IT service/operations management,
software development life cycle, finance operations, and marketing promotions functions are the top
areas prioritized for AI-powered automation over the next three years.

Given the importance of AI and Automation Adoption, how best should organizations approach the
adoption of these technologies?

From Collected Data to Connected Data: How Governments and Enterprises are Maximizing the Value of Data by Neo4j

Nik Vora
Vice President - APAC, Neo4j
Christopher Lee Marshall
Associate Vice President, Data, Analytics and AI, IDC Asia/Pacific

Keys to Success in the Cloud-enabled World

Mevira Munindra
Country Manager, IDC Indonesia
Nathan Stevens
Head of Solution Consulting for APAC, Snow Software

Digital transformation is not an afterthought anymore; it is a necessity to enterprises' competitiveness and adaptability in the Southeast Asia market. Organizations embrace the transformation by enabling digital platform, driving culture of innovation, and becoming data-driven organization. As IDC observed, building business and digital resilience is important with customer satisfaction and operational efficiency are determined as top 2 business priorities for ASEAN organizations (Source: IDC Future Enterprise Survey ASEAN 2021, August 2021). Employee productivity, innovation and cost savings are determined as another highly anticipated priorities especially with remote and hybrid work environment, and digital collaboration that are more common in the market.

Along in the journey of resiliency, cloud is one of the key technologies that enterprises prioritize to be digital-ready in Southeast Asia, especially with an uptrend of the reliance on cloud-based infrastructure and cloud-based applications, driving hybrid and multi cloud adoption in the sub-region.

About 35% of ASEAN organizations expect to reach IT productivity with the use of cloud platforms; yet more than 40% of organizations are still looking into optimizing cloud governance and data management as part of the focuses on IT and cloud strategy within organizations, considering higher complexity and risk that may rise in hybrid environment.

Join the fireside chat with IDC and Snow Software to learn more about:

  • The role of IT and software asset management in optimizing cloud enablement and journey in your organization
  • The benefits of IT visibility and discoverability to help IT leaders make more informed and strategic decisions to ensure business innovation, resilience, and efficiency
  • The best practice to achieve success in hybrid cloud journey for business growth in 2022 and beyond by having access to the cloud-based infrastructure and software assets management.

Beyond What Meets the Eye: Redefining Digital Experience

Mevira Munindra
Country Manager, IDC Indonesia
Greg Armshaw
Senior Director for Strategy, APAC, Brightcove

Digital-first World Impact on Procurement DX and Customer Experience (CX)

Xavier Marzan
Managing Director & CEO, Filinvest Group's F(DEV) and Group Chief Digital Officer, Filinvest Development Corporation
Khairil Anwar Rahmat
Research Manager, IDC Malaysia
Mulyawan Gani
Chief Transformation Officer, Sinar Mas Land

[By invitation] Digital Roundtable Session with Kaspersky: Cyber Threats Set To Grow – How Can We Tackle Them?

Nor Asrul Bin Mohd Noor
Director, Aswant Solution Sdn Bhd
Leonard Sim
Head of Presales, Asia Pacific, Kaspersky
Simon Piff
Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

Interpol's cyber crime unit stated that "immediate action is required to avoid [the] ransomware pandemic, in July 2021. Secretary General Stock said that while some solutions existed nationally or bi-laterally, effectively preventing and disrupting ransomware meant adopting the same international collaboration used to fight terrorism, human trafficking or mafia groups such as the 'Ndrangheta'.

Clearly ransomware is a concern for many organizations, although it is just one of over 200 attack vectors that could be applied to any organization.

In Asia Pacific ransomware has taken its toll. A recent IDC study indicated that of organizations in the region that were struck by this attack 29% had their business disrupted for up to a few weeks and almost half those infected paid over US$100,000, and some over US$500,000 in ransom to gain access to their systems and data.

Remote working and remote IT support has clearly contributed to the problem, but this is now a known threat, so we need to consider what we are doing to ensure that the lessons learned by those unfortunate organizations that were hacked are passed on to those that have yet to be hacked!

This session will discuss what ASEAN-based organizations need to consider when it comes to securing themselves in this Digital First environment where we exist today.



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