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India | October 15, 2020

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Vasant Rao
Managing Director, IDC India

Winning Today and Leading in the Next Normal

Sharath Srinivasamurthy
Research Director, Enterprise Solutions & ICT Practices, IDC India

The importance of Digital Transformation has been discussed for long now, but in the last few months, the rubber has actually hit the road. Enterprises’ digital transformation strategy and execution have been put to test to the core due to unpresented events like the outbreak of COVID-19. Enterprises globally as well as in India are in different stages recovery based the maturity of technology adoption. Amid financial instability and market uncertainty, the tactical and strategic priority list for leadership that has been on a steady rate of change has now changed dramatically over the past two quarters and is driving organizations to embrace radical change in short periods of time to survive and thrive. In their journey of recovery and resilience, enterprises should focus on three areas which IDC calls as “Future of customers and consumers”, “Future of work” and “Future of industry ecosystems”.

“Future of customers and consumers” represents the journey, experiences, conversations and satisfaction that the enterprises create for their customers.  “Future of work” is all about how workspace, workforce and work culture are evolving. “Future of industry ecosystems” is about enterprises that have an industry ecosystem of partners in place that make them agile and reconfigure quickly to address the next normal. 46% of enterprises in India consider “business operations resiliency programs” as no. 1 priority for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. This keynote will focus on how enterprises across different stages of recovery are leveraging technology to drive their business resiliency programs.


Future of Enterprise IT

Ashish Dhawan
Managing Director, Enterprise, India & South Asia, AWS

Enterprises that are embracing cloud computing are interested in driving fundamental changes in their business so they can compete in the future. IT transformation, enabled by cloud adoption, is a key component of this future success—from tighter alignment with business unit stakeholders to increased agility and pace of innovation. In this session, we explore the potential for transformation that comes with cloud adoption, and we discuss how some of the world's leading enterprises were able to transform. We also explore organizational and technology best practices that you can implement to support transformation in your organization.



DX Country Awards Ceremony Round #1


Creating Value in a Digital World: The role of emerging technology

Manish Gupta
Sr. Director & General Manager for Data Centre & Compute Solutions, Dell Technologies India

Today, a business’s potential will only be limited by the imaginations of its digital leaders. Integral to becoming a digital organization are emerging technologies, and most leading organizations already recognize their significance. Without these technologies, most of leading organizations believe that they will not be able to transform. And if they don’t transform, a competitor will disrupt their business, and maybe their entire industry.

Emerging technologies are redefining how organizations build and deploy software, modernize and simplify their infrastructure, inspire their workforce and secure their most critical assets. These technologies will enable large-scale shifts in our economy and transform entire industries. Those who understand their potential and apply them correctly will gain a competitive advantage and thrive.



Future of Work – Hybrid working

Bill Zeng
Chief Technology Officer & Director, Sales Engineering, Asia Pacific, Poly

Hybrid working is an imperative, companies have embarked on the journey to outcome based Hybrid Working as part of their overall digitization strategy. In this session, Bill Zeng will discuss what is hybrid working, the key objectives in hybrid working and steps to get there. 



DX Country Awards Ceremony Round #2


Proven and Modern Data Protection by Dell Technologies

Ripu Bajwa
Director & General Manager, Data Protection Solutions, Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies’ 2020 Global Data Protection Index Snapshot confirms the ongoing importance of maintaining a sound data protection strategy as the amount of data that organizations must manage continues to grow and the cost of downtime along with it. 

The research also reflects the impact of a continued shift to the cloud (public, private, hybrid) for new applications and the complexities of advanced technologies on data protection readiness. 

The compounding effect of data growth, protecting mission critical applications alongside new workloads, spread across edge, core and cloud reinforces Dell Technologies strategy of combining proven and modern data protection to address organizations needs for both today and tomorrow.



Demystifying “cloud” and “security” for 2021 and beyond

Vasant Rao
Managing Director, IDC India
Simon Piff
Vice President, Security & Future of Work Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific
Rishu Sharma
Principal Analyst, Cloud & Artificial Intelligence, IDC India

Surviving and thriving the next normal mandates tech investments. As businesses realize that the current situation is no more temporary, investments in cloud and security are critical. To maximize workforce productivity during pandemic situation, establishing a cloud based digital resiliency program and trust are among the top priorities for organizations in India, as they look to scale in a cost optimal manner while maintaining high levels of security. This panel will provide a spotlight on organizations' current state, challenges and the way forward with cloud and security


DX Country Awards Ceremony Round #3


15 October - Digital Roundtables by AWS : Future of Customer Experience with Emerging Technologies (Invite-Only)

Ekta Parashar
Head of Solutions Architecture, Large Enterprises, Amazon Internet Services Pvt Ltd., Amazon Web Services India Private limited
Rishu Sharma
Principal Analyst, Cloud & Artificial Intelligence, IDC India

14 October - Digital Roundtables by Druva & AWS : Sustaining Business Continuity with Data Resiliency (Invite-Only)

Bakshish Dutta
Country Manager, India SAARC, Druva
Rishu Sharma
Principal Analyst, Cloud & Artificial Intelligence, IDC India

15 October - Digital Roundtables by Indusface & AWS : Securing the application: Pivotal in enabling the digital journey! (Invite-Only)

Venkatesh Sundar
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Indusface
Sharath Srinivasamurthy
Research Director, Enterprise Solutions & ICT Practices, IDC India
Shweta Baidya
Senior Research Manager, Enterprise Software & IT Services, IDC India


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