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IDC CIO Summit 2023 Hong Kong

Fragile Markets, Agile Organizations: Thriving in the Wild


Recession, interest rate hikes, ongoing-geopolitical tension, supply chain issues, skills shortages – these trends are underpinning the markets in 2023, providing Chief Information Officers with incremental challenges to being successful.​

However, business demands a growth mindset, and the role of the CIO is more pivotal than ever in this era of Digital First, so being equipped with the best tools, armed with the best strategies and enabled with the right level of support are more critical than ever to being successful – and this is the theme of IDC CIO Summit for 2023 – what does a CIO need to do to thrive in these challenging times?​

IDC published the Future CIO 1.0 MaturityScape, a study designed to help CIOs assess the current maturity level of skills and abilities they bring to the table while also helping them identify areas in which they need to become more adept to improve the odds of success in leading IT and advancing their enterprises.​

Skills, aptitude and attitude are, however, only part the solution. Having a strong IT strategy and being able to execute on it are more critical than ever, and so the in-country CIO Summits will focus on the critical technology issues that need addressing in 2023 and beyond.​

Touching on the issues of how data, AI and talent programs can all support a strong Digital-First strategy; why technical debt and cloud native are so intertwined and where a Digital Resilience approach can address cybersecurity, compliance and supply chain concerns to ensure that CIO's are able to, not just live in 2023, thrive into 2024 and beyond.


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Wednesday June 7, 2023

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