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As the DX economy advances, agile upstarts such as yours are finding that with the right approach, they can ably compete with more seasoned vendors in the marketplace.

But in a saturated pool of emerging enterprises, how do you make your organization stand out? And how can you best find and connect with untapped markets that can grow your business to the next level?

IDC’s Emerging Vendor Program can help you reach the bigger leagues in ICT

Flexible, Scalable, Program Model

Customized for your organization’s specific business needs by function


Access to IDC FutureScape events, web conferences and other exclusive events

Analyst Access

Access to over 1,100 global analysts specializing in various technology markets

Customized Support

A Client Relationship Manager works to understand your company’s needs & align them with IDC research and analysts

See how IDC’s Emerging Vendor Program works! Build your own EVP bundle tailor-fit to your needs and budget.

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IDC's Emerging Vendor Program is designed to empower emerging IT suppliers with IDC's global market and technology analyses, market insights and over 1,100 industry global experts. Through these, emerging vendors such as yourself can make better decisions on where to take your business, how to approach your target customers, and how to plan out your product roadmaps.

Through our program, we also help you hold audience with customers you need to be talking to. In today’s complex and fast-paced marketplace, fortune favors not only the brave, but those who make the right partnerships to take their growth plans forward.

  • Access to the largest array of IDC technology market insights
  • Web access via IDC.com
  • Direct, flexible access to relevant core IDC analysts and access to support analysts through relationship support
  • Dedicated client relationship manager (CRM) who provides proactive curated support to assist with your specific needs and other market research inquiries
  • Market research for your competitive intelligence
  • Data analysis for your strategic planning
  • Analyst insights into your market, your customers, your competitors, and YOU!
  • Complimentary access to IDC marketing events like IDC FutureScapes
  • Complimentary access to IDC Web Conferences and IDC briefings

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See how IDC’s Emerging Vendor Program works! Build your own EVP bundle tailor-fit to your needs and budget.

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I’d like to get as much information as I can on as many relevant markets as possible.


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