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Smart Cities catalyze the digital transformation of urban ecosystems to produce systemic environmental, financial, and social outcomes. Smart Cities are, by definition, focused on using emerging technologies and innovation to make cities more livable, and offer new services and economic opportunities.

In 2022, Asia Pacific Cities will be focused on digitally enabled innovations that will spur socioeconomic activities and bring about a return of investments to transform the 'live, learn, work, and play' dynamics of local communities and urbanized hubs. With each digital investment, privacy and security management are becoming a forefront consideration as city governments seek to safeguard and protect the interests of their investors and constituents.

To recognize outstanding Smart Cities projects, IDC is launching its 8th Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA). These 2022 awards will recognize the progress Asia Pacific municipalities have made and also provide a forum for sharing the best practices to help accelerate Smart City development in the region.

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For 8 years, IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA) is the only IDC analyst-led, peer-reviewed and publicly-assessed Smart Cities award for state and local government projects globally. The goal of creating this award was to generate worldwide awareness to various case studies of rapid urban transformations and high-tech deployments of Asia Pacific cities. This also empowered us to become more insightful advisors to our public sector clients that are seeking outcome-based changes and distinctive innovations for their cities- all possible by creating continual access to foreign direct investments (FDIs) and manpower talents.

IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA) is designed showcase cutting-edge smart city projects by highlighting the strategic context that enables government leaders - from mayors and city managers to council members, CIOs, and innovation officers - to transform their cities through the best application of technology to real strategic operations challenges. Asia Pacific Smart Cities and Communities need to purposefully deliberate and re-evaluate their goals regularly, so that scalable, agile and future-ready solutions are implemented.

Criteria for judging

2022 Finalists

Award Categories

The 2022 IDC Smart City Asia/Pacific Awards will recognize the top Smart City initiatives in Asia/Pacific excluding Japan in 15 categories: Administration; Civic Engagement; Digital Equity and Accessibility; Economic Development, Tourism, Arts, Libraries, Culture, Open Spaces Development; Education; Public Health and Social Services; Public Safety- Next-Generation Emergency Services; Public Safety- Data-Driven Policing; Smart Buildings/ Smart Tech Parks; Smart Water; Sustainable Infrastructure; Transportation - Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Public Transit, Ride-Hailing/Ride-Sharing; Transportation – Transport Infrastructure; Urban Planning and Land Use; and Pandemic Management.


Recognizing the best projects / initiatives in digital administration including (but not limited to) Smart City platforms, intelligent ERP including the political operations at the legislative layer.

Civic Engagement

Recognizing the best projects / initiatives in civic and community engagement and transparency, including (but not limited to) Open Data, city portals, and 311 services.

Digital Equity and Accessibility

Recognizing the best projects / initiatives in the area of digital equity and accessibility including (but not limited to) technologies for ADA compliance, innovations in accessibility services public Wi-Fi, and other projects focused on underserved communities.

Economic Development, Tourism, Arts, Libraries, Culture, Open Spaces

Recognizing the best projects /initiatives in the area of tourism, arts and culture, libraries, cultural events and open, green spaces including (but not limited to) smart kiosks, interactive events and experiences, connected museums, digital libraries and intelligent event management.


Recognizing the best projects / initiatives in education, including (but not limited to) eLearning and online learning, learning management systems, smart classrooms, and smart campuses for K-12 and higher education.

Public Health and Social Services

Recognizing the best projects / initiatives, including (but not limited to) data-driven and mobile solutions for social services workers, and analytic tools to assess the needs of at-risk populations and ensure they are getting proper care.

Public Safety- Next-Generation Emergency Services

Recognizing the best projects / initiatives for ensuring public safety, including (but not limited to) emergency services such as early warning systems, and 911 systems.

Public Safety- Data-Driven Policing

Recognizing the best projects / initiatives in policing such as real-time crime centers, body worn video, and visual surveillance and analysis.

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Public voting has ended. Stay tuned for updates.

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Public voting has ended. Stay tuned for updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I vote for IDC SCAPA 2022?

Public voting has ended. Stay tuned for updates on our social media accounts LinkedIn and Twitter.

Who can vote?

We accept votes from the public sector, partner vendors, and the general public.

How many nominations were received this year?

IDC received 330+ applications at this year’s IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards. These projects exemplified best practice examples of urban innovation with a particular focus on the use of technology (cloud, platforms, analytics, IoT, mobile solutions) and data, unique partnerships, funding models and/or community involvement.


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