About Smart City Asia/Pacific Awards

The Smart City Asia/Pacific Awards (SCAPA) was inaugurated in 2015 to create a platform where the latest innovation and transformations led by cities, local governments and their ICT suppliers across Asia/Pacific can be celebrated.

Now on its eight year, the SCAPA plans to expand its loyal community in the public and private sectors with the addition of acclaimed regulators, industry practitioners and service providers in discussions around strategic imperatives for Smart Cities, and a celebration and best-practice sharing on successful implementations in the region, with the introduction of a Smart City Council. Watch this space for more information on this matter.

About Smart Cities

The Smart Cities Strategies research advisory service analyzes how cities and local governments and their ICT suppliers are leveraging technology to improve city operations and better serve citizens. The continuing evolution of cities along IDC's Smart City Maturity Model, the creation of new partnerships and funding models, and the use of innovative technologies to create Smart City ecosystems are covered in detail.

The Smart City Development Index is an evolving 6-stage benchmarking framework that helps smart city planners analyze the current state of their Smart City initiatives. In doing so, these executives can chart future development plans. Annually, IDC Government Insights methodically carries out a 6 phase benchmarking assessment to determine the top projects across 14 functional smart city domains as described above. 

Phase 0

Public Nominations

December 2021 to February 2022

Phase 1

APeJ in Country Analyst Tracking, inputs and ranking

February 2022

Phase 2

Public Voting

March 2022

Phase 3

International Advisory Council Voting

March to April 2022

Phase 4

Results Compilation

April 2022

Phase 5

Announcement of Winners

May 2022

Phase 6

Spotlight Reports on Winners

July to December 2022

Phase 7

Smart Council

August to December 2022

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