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Canadian Companies Need to Care More about Digital Customer Experience
According to New IDC MaturityScape Benchmark on Digital Transformation

- June 19, 2017 -

Toronto ON., - International Data Corporation (IDC) Canada announced today the release of a new report assessing Canadian enterprises' maturity and progress in implementing digital transformation initiatives and products across their organizations. IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Omni-Experience Digital Transformation in Canada, 2017 (IDC #CA42445617) focuses on the first dimension of digital transformation, and is a follow-up report to IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Digital Transformation in Canada, 2016 (IDC #CA41078216, May 2016).

Omni-experience is one of the five dimensions of IDC's notion of digital transformation (DX), and is defined as creating experiences and engagement across multiple customer touch-points through the use of technology, which in turn builds enduring relationships and amplifies the impact of products and services. The five IDC DX maturity stages are: Ad hoc, Opportunistic, Repeatable, Managed, and Optimized. Organizations that have reached the top tiers of maturity are able to grow market share by sensing and responding to market needs early, or by becoming truly disruptive - leading market transitions by optimizing digital customer experience.

Key findings of IDC's MaturityScape Benchmark report on omni-experience DX in Canada include:

  • The majority of Canadian organizations are in the early stages of their digital customer experience transformation journey. Just over half (51.9%) of Canadian enterprises are in the first two stages of maturity, while very few are in the optimized stage (3.9%), with the remaining 44.1% in the third and fourth stages.
  • The most common level of maturity across all four dimensions is the opportunistic category, representing 35-42% of respondents. The vast majority are in the three middle categories across the four dimensions.
  • Ecosystem experience is the dimension where Canadian organizations are least mature, with just 3.5% in the optimized stage. This is the set of capabilities that are demonstrated by global leaders like Amazon and Starbucks.
"This study reveals that omni-experience is an area of needed development among Canadian organizations. At the heart of the digital transformation discussion is customer experience, and Canadians expect a better experience in-store, online, and on mobile and social channels, not just in retail but across all industry sectors. Without focus and leadership in this area, Canadian companies will continue to see market share eroded by multinationals with superior omni-experience programs" said Tony Olvet, Group Vice President, Research, at IDC Canada.

More Canadian organizations need to enhance their approach to customer experience by digitally enabling the processes that make a meaningful difference to their end customers, prospects, and partners. Many Canadian organizations are making bold moves now, but continuous and deliberate improvement is necessary to advance to a truly optimized DX state.

IDC provides the following guidance for companies to develop or advance their digital omni-experience strategy:

  • Transformation begins with leadership and a clear mandate that extends to all functional roles.
  • Embrace experimentation and take calculated risks.
  • Engage with partners to mitigate risk and shorten the technology learning curve.
  • Celebrate the small wins to establish momentum early in the transformation journey.

IDC believes that it will be an ongoing challenge for executives to restructure their omni-experience processes. However, the enormity of the opportunities and challenges absolutely requires that business leaders immediately install omni-experience DX value assessment into their business planning methodologies to be successful.

This IDC study enables organizations to compare their omni-experience digital transformation maturity against peers, pinpoint where peers are more advanced, and identify the benefits achieved as one moves to more advanced stages. Intended readers are CIOs, CMOs, customer experience leaders, digital executives, IT managers, and vendors of technologies and services that enable digital transformation.

For more information on this report, or to arrange a one on one interview with the authors, Tony Olvet, Leslie Hand or Patty Bu, please contact Andrea Loziuk at

IDC MaturityScape Benchmark
IDC MaturityScape Benchmark reports aid in the discussion of IT strategy and technology investments by helping IT executives and their enterprise partners gauge where their enterprise is in relation to that of their peers and competitors, best achievers, and the least invested. By utilizing IDC benchmark data, IDC MaturityScape Benchmarks enable organizations to compare maturity against peers, pinpoint which dimensions of an initiative peer organizations are more mature in, and identify the benefits organizations achieve as they move to more mature stages. The Canadian IDC MaturityScape Benchmark survey included companies with 100 or more employees.

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