AskIDC Inquiry Desk for Canada

Welcome to AskIDC

IDC Canada is continually working on improving your customer experience, including service to you. Ask IDC is designed to handle all domestic inquiries that relate to IDC's Canadian subscription research programs. Ask IDC provides:

  • Access to our knowledgeable analysts
  • A centralized inquiry function that identifies the appropriate analyst(s) to respond
  • Constant tracking and monitoring of each open inquiry

Standard Inquiry Guidelines

  • The question/inquiry must fall within the scope of the research services to which your company subscribes. If not, a fee may apply.
  • The analyst must be able to answer the question in 2 hours or less - including time to prepare and deliver the response. Work effort beyond this may require the involvement of the IDC Custom Solutions team and may involve additional fees.
  • If your inquiry includes non-Canadian elements, then a custom inquiry fee may apply.
  • There must be sufficient inquiry hours available as part of your organization's subscription to answer your request.

How to Complete an Inquiry

If you are unable to find what you are looking for on please contact Ask IDC, and we will do our best to assist you. Sending an email to Ask IDC is the preferred method for initiating an inquiry.

Here are some suggestions to follow when submitting an inquiry:

  • Be as specific as possible about the data or type of research you are interested in
  • State your desired time frame for completion
  • Include your company contact information (company, phone, email)
  • If you choose to go directly to an analyst or sales representative, please copy Ask IDC so we can monitor the progress of your inquiry

Our Commitment to You

  • Ask IDC will acknowledge all inbound inquiries within 2 business hours of receipt
  • Ask IDC will track all requests from receipt to completion
  • By end of next business day, you will have either a completed response to your inquiry or be contacted by our team for further discussion
  • If our analyst team cannot complete the inquiry for various reasons, Ask IDC will strive to inform you within 8 business hours
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Click here to start your research inquiry today! Alternatively you can call +1-416-673-2204.

Meet the AskIDC Inquiry team

Cristina Santander

Manager, Marketing & Customer Experience

Barbara Hall

Assoc. VP, Event Operations & Marketing