IDC Directions 2022 Canada

Thriving in Today's Digital-First World

Canada, April 5, 2022


Join us for IDC Directions 2022 Canada to explore the most relevant topics in the Canadian technology and business space, and gain access to actionable guidance from IDC's brightest minds to help you thrive in a digital-first Canada with trust, scale, and impact.

How will the Canadian IT industry transform and innovate, while also continuing to deliver on the growing demands from consumers and end-users? Entire industries are now looking to intelligently leverage more technology, data, and cloud capabilities to drive operational efficiencies across their organizations. In fact, more than 60% of IT executives in Canada indicated that they are now expecting technology spending to increase in the next few years, showing signs of improvement in the technology sector and the economy post-COVID-19.

This year’s IDC Directions 2022 will deliver insights, strategic guidance, best business practices, and timely market intelligence to help Canadian business leaders and technology vendors close the new digital value gap, and get a deep understanding of new data, cloud, and consumer opportunities and obstacles impacting the accelerating shift toward digital resiliency. Don’t miss two keynote sessions featuring the latest market trends in Canada and IDC's CMO Advisory practice insights, a CXO panel with Canada's leading Future of Intelligence and data executives, and two theme-focused sessions covering the Canadian consumer and cloud markets.

Thank you for joining us on April 5, 2022 for an afternoon of forward-looking conversations and insights from IDC's thought leaders and industry-leading experts. Thanks to our IDC and guest speakers for your actionable insights into emerging market trends and what’s next for Canadian organizations.

This year's IDC Directions Canada virtual event is being offered complimentary to all registrants (a C$200 value).

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Get the intelligence and guidance to identify growth opportunities


Connect directly with IDC analysts


Network, learn, and share with colleagues and potential business partners


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Who Attends: Directions is attended by executives from ICT companies, technology professionals, and members of the investment community, including those in: Executive management, IT, marketing/business development, product management, strategy and planning, financial services, and more.


Time Event & Speakers

Welcome Remarks

Lars Goransson

Managing Director, IDC Canada

Michael Hainsworth

Executive Producer, Futurithmic

Opening Keynote - Closing the New Digital Value Gap in Canada: From DX to Digital-First

Tony Olvet

Group Vice President, Worldwide C-Suite and Canadian Future Enterprise Research

The results are in – IDC’s recent research shows that organizations are closing the digital value gap. Globally and in Canada we’ve seen an increase in organizations delivering ROI from their digital investments in 2021 as compared to 2019. However, the goalposts have shifted, and Canadian organizations are at a different place on the playing field. Digital-first takes digital transformation to a different level – and the definition of value has been redefined. It is not just about the bottom line or top line. There are also sustainability targets to be met, and organizations need to think about how they deliver ecosystem value at scale.

This session will highlight the action items that the Canadian CEOs, their C-suite teams, and trusted vendors will need to take, as well as the technologies that will most likely have the biggest impact as we look to close the new digital value gap in a digital-first world.


Canadian Consumer: The New IT Buyer?

Manish Nargas

Research Manager, Devices and Consumer Research


In a world recovering from a pandemic, as consumers navigate a new culture of hybrid work  - the Canadian “employee from home” has a critical influence on IT decision making! Does consumer bias now impact work-related IT purchases? Do personal ecosystem preferences create opportunities or roadblocks? It is imperative to understand this new type of buyer and the factors that drive their (pro)-consumer purchase decisions in order to strategize for success in the coming years.



Fireside Chat: Thriving with Cloud in the Digital-First World

Megha Kumar

Research Vice President, Software and Cloud Services

Laura-Lea Berna

Vice President, IT and Chief Information Officer, BCTransit

Many of the ambitions of the Canadian organizations over the next few years will be underpinned by cloud services. It will form the basis of their ability to operate and innovate at scale. However, it also brings with a series of challenges around management and compliance. In this fireside chat, we will cover aspects Canadian organizations need to consider when adopting cloud services for driving their innovation agenda and how to effectively manage cloud as it becomes pervasive and ubiquitous.


Coffee Break Chat with Industry Experts

Jean Philippe Bouchard

Vice-President, Data & Analytics, IDC

Julie Tiley

Vice President, Custom Solutions

Jason Bremner

Research VP, Industry and Business Solutions

Laurie Buczek

Research Vice President, CMO Advisory Practice, Digital Strategy and Customer Experience, IDC

Nicole Peck

Vice President of Marketing, Global Events, Foundry

Take a Coffee Break with these IDC and Industry Experts:


  • Understanding Distribution & why it matters – Jean Philippe Bouchard, Vice-President, Data & Analytics, IDC, and Eric Corbel, Director, North American Distribution Tracker, IDC
  • Custom Analytics – Julie Tiley, Vice President, Custom Solutions, IDC, Jason Bremner, Research Vice President, Industry and Business Solutions, and Boyd Chastant, VP, Worldwide Custom Analytics Practice
  • Future of Events & Lead Generation – Laurie Buczek, Research Vice President, CMO Advisory Practice, Digital Strategy and Customer Experience, IDC, and Nicole Peck, Vice President of Marketing - Global Events at Foundry



Fireside Chat: Future of Intelligence in Canada

Warren Shiau

Research Vice-President, AI & Analytics

Carolyn Loh

VP Analytics & Insights, AcuityAds

Dr. Kumanan Wilson

CEO, CANImmunize

Steven Astorino

Vice President of Development, Data and AI & Canada Lab Director, IBM

In a digital-first world, how should we look at data opportunities and key milestones driving digital adoption? Join us for a fireside chat on a range of topics including:

  • What are the characteristics of useful data for your organization and where are you finding it?
  • Customer or market data versus operational data, and considerations in building machine learning models versus rules-based processing and analytic use of data.
  • How intelligence solutions impact the way organizations operate and what are the key change factors that contribute to organizational success using the intelligence solutions?
  • Outside of having solutions/models/algorithms that work, what are the key things organizations who are successfully using intelligence to transform, doing?


Guest Speakers: Steven Astorino, Vice President of Development, Data and AI & Canada Lab Director, IBM; Dr. Kumanan Wilson, CEO, CANInmunize; Carolyn Loh, VP Analytics & Insights, AcuityAds. Moderated by Warren Shiau, Research Vice-President, AI & Analytics, IDC Canada



Closing Keynote - The Digital-First CMO

Laurie Buczek

Research Vice President, CMO Advisory Practice, Digital Strategy and Customer Experience, IDC

We have entered a new era of marketing, one that holds a more strategic role and is leading corporations into the technology and experience age. A brand's ability to attract and retain a digital-first customer has grown more complex. Transformational leaders are investing in marketing science, emerging technologies, reimagining the event landscape, and harnessing the precision power of big data to orchestrate digital and human touchpoints across the whole journey. The CMO's deep understanding of the customer, digital experience design, and advanced use of data and analytics is critical to win today's digital-first buyer and effectively drive top-line growth for the company.


Closing Remarks

Michael Hainsworth

Executive Producer, Futurithmic

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022



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This year's IDC Directions Canada Virtual Event is being offered complimentary to all registrants (a C$200 value)




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