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Canadian CSPs go beyond communication and connectivity to offer and enable 3rd platform technologies that accelerate digital transformation

At the same time, new technologies such as SDN, NFV and 5G wireless are transforming CSPs' services and processes.

IDC Canada helps Canadian CSPs identify new opportunities, plan and test their offers and channels, educate sales teams, create market awareness, manage their business, measure success and size and forecast their markets.

Subscription Services

Annual research services provide access to Canadian analysts and their research on market trends, competitive insights and strategies relevant to CSPs' services and processes.

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Market sizing, shares, shipments and forecasts help CSPs identify opportunities, assess performance, set investment priorities and growth expectations.

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Custom Services

Custom solutions and advisory services works closely with CSPs to provide the specific information they require to plan their business, educate their sales teams on the business challenges faced by their customers and the market facing assets needed to create awareness and consideration for their services.

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