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CEE Management Team

IDC CEE Senior Management

Steven Frantzen

Senior Vice President, EMEA Region, MD CEMA Region, IDC

Steven Frantzen is a long-time specialist on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), with a particular focus on emerging markets. As Senior Vice President for Research, Mr. Frantzen oversees the planning and execution of IDC's standard research programs and consulting across some 74 countries in Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East and Africa.
Jan Siroky

Regional Vice President, CEE, Austria & Israel Region, CEMA Consulting, IDC

Jan Siroky is responsible for managing IDC’s Central Europe region business unit – Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) excluding Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States – overseeing the planning, development, implementation, and coordination of the full range of IDC's operations and activities in 10 IDC offices located across the region.
Dalibor Sidlo

Associate Vice President, and Head of Sales CEE, IDC CEMA

Dana Vanickova

Associate Vice President, & Head of CEE Events / Country Director, Czech & Slovak Republic

Tom Schwieters

Vice President, Sales, CEMA Region, IT Executive Program, CEE Region

Ewa Lis-Jezak

Marketing Director, IDC CEE & CIS

Roman Maceska

Vice President, Worldwide Tracker and CEMA Insights Research

Laurent Aube

Finance Director, CEMA Region

Svetlana Barbarawi

HR Director, CEMA Region

Zoltan Komaromi

Associate Vice President/Co-Head Research, IDC CEE

Country Managers/Regional Managers - Central and Eastern Europe

Neli Vacheva

Country Manager

Robert Farish

Vice President

Rainer Kaltenbrunner

Regional Manager, IDC Austria & Greece, Malta & Cyprus

Andrew Beklemishev

Regional Director, IDC Central Asia

Marek Zamlynski

Regional Director, Poland and the Baltics States

Alina Georgescu

Country Manager, IDC Romania

Zorana Juric

Regional Manager, SEE / Research Manager, Imaging Printing and Document Solutions, Serbia

Terry Mattheoyianni

Director, CIO and Custom Events Series, CEE & Branch Manager, Greece, Cyprus, Malta

Vladimir Pozdnyakov

Country Manager, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Caucasus, Ukraine

Gabor Fauszt

Country Manager, CEE Regional Account Manager

Gideon Lopez

Country Manager, IDC Israel