IDC IT Security Roadshow 2006

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IDC IT Security Roadshow 2006

Secure Your Business in an Uncertain World

Belgrade, March 16, 2006


This year IDC CEMA is expanding its IT Security Roadshow to Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia, South Africa, Israel, and Latvia. We are also hosting half-day Executive Briefings in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

The expansion reflects the continuing importance of IT security. It also reflects the changing nature of threats as well as the still underdeveloped realization of their seriousness: criminals find new ways to invade cyberspace, vandals unleash worms and viruses, unscrupulous scammers phish or spam email addresses, and con artists use social engineering to obtain usernames, PINs, and credit card numbers.

Our speakers frame security in the larger context of business, strategy, technology, and human behavior, helping you make better decisions about policy and implementation. They serve to complement and introduce core presentations bringing you up to date on the latest IT security issues:
  • new regulations on data and network protection
  • over-reliance on internal IT departments for security
  • growing number of internal and external security breaches
  • increasing use of the Internet as an essential business tool
  • expansion of mobile computing
Who Should Attend

The IT Security Roadshow 2006 provides reliable content and expert advice on how to use modern information technologies to secure and protect the enterprise. It is therefore best suited for:
  • Chief Security Officers, Directors of Enterprise Security, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs
  • Privacy Officers, Network Security Managers, Server Application Managers
  • Antivirus, Email Monitoring, VPN, and 3A Managers


Time Event Speakers

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IDC Keynote: The Security Jungle: Assesing Risks, Costs and Solutions

Thomas Vavra
Senior Research Manager, Software and IT Markets, IDC CEMA

In a rapidly advancing IT-driven age, keeping up with security concerns can be a major problem for all types of companies and organizations. This presentation examines at the current context of IT security preparedness while looking to next steps to be taken toward security maturity. Additionally, attention will focus on a newly emerging security paradigm that IDC terms Information Leakage Detection and Protection (ILDP). ILDP is an area that explores new capabilities and technologies for detecting and/or preventing information leakage via email, the Web, mobile devices, and other channels.


Human Factor- the Ultimate Weakest Link in IT Security?

This presentation is a short reminder of some very important, non-technological, aspects of IT Security. It is a humble attempt to “put a finger on the scales” of our judgement and balance it back in favor of considering the human factor as one of the most significant ones in IT Security.


Framing the Threats - Cyber Crime Beyond Buzzwords

Ofer Akerman
Cyber Security Expert, Cobrador

The main goal of this session is to share with the audience a variety of real-world incidents and discuss possible defensive measures. Further objectives are to introduce the usage of preventive intelligence techniques and provide a practical, behind the buzzwords, briefing on advance technologies aim to mitigate these threats.


Securing Intelligent Information Network

Peter Gibbs
Security Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems

In the modern marketplace, connecting both onsite and mobile employees to valuable network tools and resources is crucial to business success. But granting network access to intended users can have unintended consequences, with even accidental network security breaches quickly equating to business jeopardy. How can you open your network to legitimate users and close it to rogue ones?

Businesses are pursuing ways to improve their network security, reliability, and performance, while minimizing the costs involved. Companies today are looking for networking solutions to ensure that their business systems are linked—but not at a loss or risk.


Coffee Break


Meridian Banka - Cisco Systems Case Study

Srđa Blagojević
Network Engineer, CCNP/CCDA , Pexim

Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Dragan Pleskonjić
IEEE Computer Society and ACM, ACM SIGSAC (Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control).

Wireless networks are forecasted to expand rapidly. Tens or even hundreds millions of smart wireless devices are in use worldwide and that number increases. Today’s wireless networks are vulnerable in many ways (eavesdropping, illegal use, unauthorized access, denial of service attacks etc). These problems and concerns are one of main obstacles for wider usage of wireless networks. People are worried to unknowingly “expose” their computers and other wireless devices to illegally access through air from undefined location. On wired networks intruder can access by physical access to wire, but in wireless he has possibility to access to your computer from anywhere in neighborhood. Security and privacy problems become more important in digital society and wireless networked world. Classic security systems can't give proper protection and it is necessary to employ new systems such as, among others, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS).


Physical Infrastructure - Base for IT Security Center

Predrag Tanasijević
APC, Tehnicom Computers

The Presentation will show the Physical Infrastructure importance for safe IT critical processes running. The overview of the World's the most important Standardization docs will be presented. The basic components of reliable Physical Infrastructure will be described and the possible solution will be suggested.


Staying Ahead of Future Internet Threats

Orsag Katarina

Do we all believe that security breaches are something for the others ? How safe are we behind our updated firewall and AV ? This presentation unveils more about pre-emptive security in action and why it is the only way to be secure now and in the future.


Top Attacks and Active Defense

Marko Djordjevic
Product Manager for Eastern Europe, Trend Micro

What are the current threats and how does active defense work? Active defense means not only desktop and gateway protection, but also security at the network layer and securing the Internet traffic itself. Trend Micro presents how it works automatically, without administrative intervention.


Meeting Security and Compliance Needs with Identity Management

Martin Kuhlmann
SAM Product Line Management, Beta Systems Software AG

An increasingly important IT challenge faced by enterprises is enabling their employees and partners to access the IT systems, business applications, and information they need to fulfill their various assignments on demand, while at the same time controlling administration costs. In this environment companies also have to consider the demands of regulatory compliance (e.g., SOX, Basel II) on these processes. Identity Management solutions meet this challenge by providing cross-platform provisioning in a uniform, auditable and secure environment.




Legal Hacking - Live Demonstration

  • Hacking with Google (e.g. detecting vulenreable applications)
  • Netbios scans
  • D.o.S. against Windows systems
  • Attacks against web applications (e.g. online shops)
  • XSS-attacks
  • injection attacks
  • hidden field manipulations
  • Attacks with key loggers
  • DNS-spoofing
  • Man in the middle-attacks against SSL
  • Attacks against cell phones via bluetooth

Security on the Intranet - Technical and Other Means of Misuse of Business Resources

Dejan Levaja
CISO, Security Consultant, CPU
  • Intranet as information source and business environment
  • Problems of securing Intranet
  • The concept of the multi layer protection
  • Physical security
  • Protection of the networking and application layer
  • Technical and other methods for bypassing the security controls

Round Table - Security Risks

* If you have some topics that you would like to discuss please contact IDC Adriatics, Belgrade Office

Discussion will be moderated by Mr. Ofer Akerman

The Participants of the round table discussion in addition to Peter Gibbs, Dragan Pleskonjić, Radule Šoškić and Dejan Levaja are:

  • Dr Milan Milosavljević, redovan professor na ETF-u*, dekan fakulteta FPI, prorektor SINGIDUNUM-a
  • Dr Milan Kukrika, EOQ Auditor
  • Mr Gojko Grubor, predavač na FPI**
  • Tiodor Jovović, CISSP
  • Mr. Nenad Krajnović, asistent na ETF*
  • *ETF – Elektrotehnički Fakultet
  • ** FPI – fakultet za primenjenu informatiku

Conference Closing


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General Information

Conference Date
Thursday, March 16, 2006

Conference Venue
Hotel Inter-Continental
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11070 Novi Beograd

Conference Language
The conference will be held in English and Serbian with simultaneous translation

You can register online at: IDC web site hby e-mail

For more information please call +385 1 30 40 057

FREE Attendance
Persons not employed in IT companies are granted FREE attendance. Free attendance is reserved for a total of 100 persons. Register today and and secure your free ticket!

Delegate Fee
EUR 100. Attendance, conference materials, coffees and lunch are included in the registration fee.

Registration payment must reach IDC Adriatics prior to the conference. Payment is made by bank transfer as per invoice received from IDC Adriatics.

If you cannot attend a substitute delegate may attend in your place.

Ana Papež, Conference Manager, IDC Adriatics
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