Mark Child
Research Manager, Software, Central & Eastern Europe

Mark Child is IDC’s Security Practice Lead for Central and Eastern Europe and is also the CEE Research Manager for Software and Enterprise Applications. His research focuses on areas such as innovation in current security technologies and the emergence of new security approaches, and how these can help organizations address the challenges of information security as both infrastructure and threats evolve. Mark manages research projects including in-depth security market studies, trackers, end-user research, and custom consulting. He is also responsible for agenda creation for one of IDC's most successful event series, the CEE Security Roadshow. Mark is a regular keynote speaker at IDC events, particularly in the security area, and also supports IDC's global initiatives, such as the security spending guide.

Mark has been with IDC since 2004. Prior to joining IDC, he worked at the Prague Business Journal and market research firm NFO AISA. He holds a B.Sc. in Biology and Geography from the University of Brighton.