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IDC Modern Infrastructure Forum 2018

Economy Defined Infrastructure vs Cloud economy

Warsaw, June 14, 2018


IDC’s Modern Infrastructure Forum examines global and regional trends related to IT infrastructure and provides actionable advice and best practices for organizations in an era of digital transformation. This year’s series investigates the trends which shape the modern DC infrastructure:

  • Software Defined Storage, Software Defined Network
  • Hyper converged Infrastructure,
  • Hybrid Cloud,
  • Containers.

We will not only look at investing in infrastructure, but also at people and processes, employees and business partners, and strategic thinking. 


  • Regulatory compliance is easier in-house. But is it really?
  • Data leaks - where is the weakest link?
  • How to choose cloud offer wisely in GDPR era?


  • Flexible as Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Hybrid Environments – cloud and  infrastructure on-site are not mutually exclusive
  • Cloud lesson learned – effectiveness of modern infrastructure


  • Cheap or financially responsible and why cloud is never cheap?
  • Software Defined DC – cost as in the cloud?
  • In which cases cost of cloud is not justifiable?


Time Event & Speakers

Registration & Morning Coffee



Marek Zamlynski
Regional Director, Poland and the Baltics States
Ewa Lis-Jezak
Marketing Director, IDC CEE & CIS

Why does infrastructure need to change?

Jaroslaw Smulski
Senior Program Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, Poland
Today, many new organizations are faced with the choice of building their own infrastructure or opting for a service model. However, organizations with a longer history of creating their own server rooms are often doomed to its further development. Which new trends should be taken into account? What hardware solutions allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud? How to skillfully combine these two worlds in order to optimally change your infrastructure and wait for business applications?

IDC Introducions: Security & Regulations

Wiktor Markiewicz
Senior Research Analyst, Poland and Baltics, IDC Poland

Cloud or your own server? Where is it easier to adapt to WORK?

The fears of enterprises (52%) are undoubtedly a big barrier in the adaptation of cloud technologies.  But are these concerns justified?

In many cloud deployment scenarios, it turns out to be much more secure than it might seem.  There is no such thing as a cloud that is incompatible with the IPCC. The cloud itself must comply with national and international legal provisions. Does this mean that the cloud is 100% ready?


How to manage your PC fleet more securely with HP Inc.

Piotr Mazurek
CE&I CEP Computing Services Lead, HP Inc Polska

Partner Presentation

Michał Kłeczek
Inżynier systemowy, Sevenet

Future of infrastructure vs data security (possibilities, limitations, dilemmas)

Piotr Brzozowski
IT Infrastructure Director, Pekao Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A.

Dilemmas of changing the model of IT infrastructure:

whether the risk of data leakage will increase or whether the user will still be the weakest link
whether the transition to the cloud is a one-way street, or whether and how we will be affected by the need for changes, e.g. in human resources
and if there is a need to leave the cloud, whether and how we will cope with the costs of changes, e.g. technical or human resources changes


Coffee Break & 1-2-1 meetings


IDC Introduction: Efficiency and flexibility

Jaroslaw Smulski
Senior Program Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, Poland

Can convergent infrastructure bring us the flexibility and efficiency of a cloud to a server room?
Why should everything in our server room be "software defined"?
How to eliminate bottlenecks in our organization?


Hybrid IT powered by open source innovations

Piotr Zacharek
Alliance Business Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Polska
Artur Duszczyk
Country Representative, SUSE

How does understanding and perception of a modern data centre change? Do you invest in your own infrastructure or in the cloud? During our session we will present the most important trends in the development of IT environments. We will show how the dynamic development of open source innovation, combined with increased efficiency and intelligence of hardware platforms, affects the visions of new IT services. We will propose scenarios for creating hybrid IT environments that flexibly respond to challenges generated by business and new user requirements. We will explain why virtual data center solutions, understood as cooperation of advanced HPE hardware and open source SUSE solutions, are the way to meet the high expectations of IT systems in the world of global data flow.


Containerisation as a path to flexibility and efficiency in isolation from infrastructure

Maciej Lelusz
CEO, Inleo Sp. z o. o., Advisor, Chaos Gears

Application as the core of IT operations must be as independent as possible from the infrastructure that maintains it. The decision whether our application works in Datacenter or in the Cloud must be a secondary decision that is not a table for development. In both cases, achieving the target must be as simple as achieving it is efficient and flexible. Infrastructure is becoming a carrier for containers holding applications, and the added value lies not in its advancement and complexity, but in the method of its most efficient use.


Confrontation: Super Champion Partner vs IDC

Jaroslaw Smulski
Senior Program Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, Poland
Piotr Zacharek
Alliance Business Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Polska

IDC Introductions: Costs

Ewa Zborowska
Research Manager, IT Services, Poland and Baltics

Does the cloud have to be cheap - how much does the cloud infrastructure actually cost?
Why should we not forget the costs when we look at the offer for a cloud service?
What costs do we forget when carrying out such an analysis? And why don't everyone like OPEX?


Three stories, three companies, one goal - secure, fast and cost-optimal commissioning of your cloud infrastructure

Mariusz Preiss
Senior Cloud Architect, Aviva

What you will find out during the presentation:

  •     How do I catch AWS Simple Monthly Calculator on a lie?
  •     Why is the public cloud not so public?
  •     What does David and Goliath have to do with cloud migration?
  •     What to do with the millions saved on cloud migration?

Choosing an infrastructure model is not easy. Specific arguments versus marketing, myths and hidden costs

Jaroslaw Smulski
Senior Program Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, Poland
Radomir Bordon
Director Commercial Presales CEE, DELL EMC
Artur Duszczyk
Country Representative, SUSE
Karol Junde
Co-Founder & CTO at Chaos Gears

All panelists are high-class specialistswho will be able to objectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of each development scenario. The discussion is to be a summary of previous presentations and a platform for discussion with conference participants.

Just as in the boxing fight, we will have an honest confrontation of the arguments!



Boxing fight - FENIX FIGHT CLUB

The culmination of our conference will be a show fight with the participation of Mateusz Kwiatkowski and Ewelina Kruszewska from the FENIX FIGHT CLUB boxing club. We have 3 rounds of sports emotions ahead of us!

Mr. Hubert Migaczew, former coach of the men's national team in the box, is the coach of the competitors.
While training the Hussars Poland team, he led it to play-offs in the World Series of Boxing League, winning against a team from Russia, among others. He has the highest in the world certificate of 3-star coach of AIBA Federation (Olympic Boxing).
He graduated in rehabilitation and criminology pedagogy. Currently he runs his own boxing club in Warsaw.


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