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La infraestructura digital al servicio de la estrategia de empresas y entidades públicas.

In-Person Event | Madrid
April 25, 2023


In the last two years, as a response to the great challenges and risks that the economy and society are facing; organizations have accelerated the adoption of new ways of working and relationship models with clients, citizens and strategic partners. All this, within an environment characterized by a growing number of cyber threats and challenges related to the recruitment and retention of employees.

In this environment, the digital infrastructure leaders of companies and public entities must address innovative approaches that impact traditional models of: planning, ICT budget management and identification of digital infrastructure solutions.

ICT modernization elements, which allow changes in operations and financing models to be aligned with the most relevant digital business objectives of your organization, are supported by digital and cloud infrastructure solutions that create new possibilities.

During this meeting, the challenges faced by companies and organizations will be addressed to ensure that digital infrastructures and cloud services respond to the strategy and demands of their organizations. We will have the vision, experience and solutions available to face these challenges at the hands of IDC analysts, of the success stories led by the ICT managers of the main Spanish organizations and the new solutions at the hands of technology leaders. .

We are waiting for you next April 25!

Hear from leaders

Pedro Martín Jurado

Head of Spanish Unit for Cloud Edge Computing IPCEI-CIS en el Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital

Jose Antonio Cano

Consulting Director, IDC Research Spain

Adela De Toledo

Country Manager, Pure Storage España y Portugal

Sergio Alonso

Technical Client Partner en Colt

Tony Rodríguez Cordero

Head of cloud (US and EU), Ferrovial

Pedro Coca

Director de Ingeniería de Soluciones para Iberia, HashiCorp

Antonio Cobos González

CTO - Jefe corporativo de arquitectura de sistemas, OHLA Group

Valentín García Souto

Director de Innovación y Proyección Exterior – Lantik – Diputación foral de Bizkaia

Antonio Izquierdo Delgado

Software Engineering Manager de Uniway

Alejandro Solana

Director Técnico, Nutanix Iberia

Ton Machielsen

Senior Solutions Engineer, EDB

Gonzalo Valle

Presales Manager, IFS Ibérica

Manuel Rodríguez Gómez

Director de Área Organización e Informática de Agroseguro

Alberto Brezmes

Principal Cloud Architect - Iberia at IAG GBS

Unai Obieta Jimenez

CIO & CDO The Phone House

Alan Vázquez

Area Manager, ReeVo Cloud & Cyber Security

Juan Manuel López

Product Manager & Cloud Innovation Manager de IPM

Marta Bilbao Egido

Directora de Innovación, Datos y Transformación Digital, Madrid Digital

José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes

Director de Tecnología, Grupo Raga

Narcis Coll

Desarrollo de Negocio Telco Edge – EVOLUTIO

Jon Santolaya

Regional Sales Manager Cisco AppD, Iberia

Christian Scotti

Senior Solutions Engineer Akamai

José Antonio Fernández

Cloud Services. Business Development & Solutions Manager, HPE

Mario Moreno

Coordinador editorial de ComputerWorld y CSO

Andrés Prado

Director TIC, Universidad de Castilla La Mancha

Mat Jovanovic

Global IT Director for Cloud, MAPFRE

Martin Jones

Compute Manager - Mediterranean and Africa at Pernod Ricard

Darío Fernández Barrio

DevOps & Cloud Head en WALLBOX

Dmitry Panenkov

Founder and CEO emma.

Jonás Delgado

iCloud Team Coordinator, Galp

Max Moreno

Responsable de Ciberseguridad, Vía Célere

Enric Cuixeres

IT Manager, Leng-d'Or

Ramón Ortiz

Responsable de Seguridad IT, Mediaset

Esther Macías

Chief editor B2B for ComputerWorld/CIO/CSO/DealerWorld

Rafael Luengo

Learning Factory & Data Director, ODILO

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