Future of Industries

La innovación al servicio de la estrategia de las organizaciones y la transformación de los sectores empresariales

Digital & In-person Event | Madrid
November 24, 2022


Future of Industry Ecosystems European Portfolio Adapt and respond to unforeseen business disruptions to achieve success


Digital transformation is becoming a shock wave in the new industrial revolution. It’s reshaping the foundations and bringing down the walls between industries as the boundaries between suppliers, producers and consumers and, in some cases, between whole industries shift.

In this context, the technology change is creating shifts in industry footprints and Cloud, Quantum Computing, AI, 5G, VR or Cybersecurity are identified as technological domains that have the potential to transform manufacturing, communications, health care, transportation, and beyond.

This event brings the opportunity to shape the future of the main industries in Spain in terms of industry priorities (trends), main investment avenues and insights on how IT infrastructure is being modernized, data strategies, AI application, automation and security.

No matter the industry you’re in, there are universal habits or qualities that thriving businesses have in common - technology investments, customer-centric approach, empowered employees, agility, leading with empathy, and more. Join one of the industry-specific events and learn from practitioners to achieve success in our increasingly digitalized economy.

Hear from leaders

Isabel Valldecabres

Presidenta - Directora General, Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre

Ignacio Cobisa

Consulting Manager

Valentín García Souto

Director de Innovación y Proyección Exterior – Lantik – Diputación foral de Bizkaia

Javier González


Carlos Kuchkovsky

Co-Founder & CEO, QCentroid

Enrique Solano

CEO, Quanvia

Nicolas Corrarello

Director, Ingeniería de soluciones EMEA, Wiz

Rafael Lainez Peña

CEO de Azken Muga

Óscar García

Senior Vice President for Strategy, Technology, and Platforms en MCIS (Managed Cloud & Infrastructure Services), NTT Ltd.

Jorge Martínez Manso

Director Regional de OpenText para España y Portugal

Jose María Muñoz

Senior Sales Engineer en Liferay

Escolástico Sánchez Martínez

Executive Director at BBVA

Javier Ahedo

Partner Manager España, Ibexa

Pablo Rodríguez Añino

Area Vicepresident Enterprise Sales de Salesforce

Marta Gil de la Hoz

Directora de Estrategia e Innovación en SACYR

Carlos Gustavo García Jarabo

Director Innovación, Grupo Castrosua

Cristina Martínez

Solution Sales Specialist, IronMountain

Javier Rodriguez Garcia

Senior Key Account Manager, Logitech

Fernando Muñoz

Director de CIO Executive Council, Foundry

Isabel Del Pozo De Poza

VP Head of IM Operations and DTO/IM en Airbus Defence and Space Spain

Pablo Montoliu Zunzunegui

Chief Information & Innovation Officer, AON

Kiko León

Chief Innovation & Information Officer Spain de DECATHLON 

Jesús Miguel Alonso

Jesús Miguel Alonso Pérez, Director de innovación en ACR Grupo

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