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Elevating Security for Digital Trust & Risk Management​

DIGITAL FORUM | Denmark | September 24, 2020




The security industry has passed an inflection point. Whether organizations realize it or not, this inflection point has put security at the heart of everything. Security operational excellence is table stakes, a prerequisite for every organization to function securely, efficiently, and effectively. Risk management goes hand in hand with that, quantifying security measures in the context of the business to demonstrate the business value of security.

IDC views the achievement of lasting "digital trust" as the apex — the realization of full alignment between security and business, providing a fundamental basis of trust that connects the organization, employees, partners, and customers.

IDC’s Security Roadshow 2020 will provide a review of industry trends and guidance to security professionals and the key factors to consider in their strategic planning when allocating resources as part of shrinking the organization's attack surface, reducing security and privacy risk, and developing efficiencies in security technology.

Join IDC's leading European security research team to explore how security is now a strategic business imperative and how technology solutions are ensuring security while enabling support for organizations' digital transformation programs.


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September 24, 2020


10:00 - 13:00


Key Topics


Security Operational Excellence

Enterprises need to integrate for effectiveness, automate for efficiency, build "security by design" into company culture, and outsource to specialists who can fill in any gaps around scale and capability.


Risk Management

Risk bridges the gap between security and business through quantification and context. A risk-driven security strategy will have greater impact and justify security investment.


Security Governance

New technologies arriving on the wave of digital transformation (DX) bring uncertainty from the control perspective. Setting a governance model that links business objectives and security goals is key to sustaining business performance.


Digital Trust

Trust is the outcome of full alignment between security and business throughout the organization. Trust applies to governance, transactions, and supply ecosystems, creating a positive cycle of enhancing corporate and industry security practices.


Building Resilience

Every day that an organization has systems compromised or suffers downtime can cost millions of dollars. Building resilience into the infrastructure is crucial for maintaining operations despite attacks or outages, and thus minimizing risk.


AI, ML, and Security Automation

Complexity of threats and alert volumes are major challenges for security teams. Harnessing ML and AI for security automation empowers analysts to provide security value to the business while building security seamlessly into enterprise processes.

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IDC Keynote: Elevating Security for Digital Trust and Risk Management

Dominic Trott

Research Director, IDC

How Identity and Access Management (IAM) can add business value AND deliver on the security strategy

Barry McMahon

Senior International Product Marketing Manager, LastPass by LogMeIn

As the business looks to security to add more value and assume the role of business enabler, many security leaders find themselves at a crossroads. How can they add the value that the board demands through enabling the business, and solve challenges within their own departments?

In this talk, Barry will briefly discuss five key topics that will demonstrate why IAM is the common theme that will help solve these problems and unlock the true potential of security leaders, in-turn elevating their position within the business. These insights are based on a recently published European IDC report sponsored by LastPass.


Cyber AI: An Immune System Approach

Marley Hasselbach

Account Director & Team Lead, Darktrace

Among rapidly evolving technological advancements, the emergence of AI-enhanced malware is making cyber-attacks exponentially more dangerous and harder to identify. This session will give you an overview of Darktrace’s world-leading Cyber AI Platform and uncover how a unified approach to threat detection and response enables the Darktrace Immune System to neutralise advanced threats that other tools miss.


Security Governance i Tryg

Tom Engly

Koncernsikkerhedschef, Tryg

Taktisk og operationel sikkerhedsorganisation i en ”3. Lines of Defence” model


Break with Meetings and Networking


IT-sikkerhed i et forretningsmæssigt perspektiv

Lars Hermind

Country Manager Denmark, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Enabling the Autonomous SOC

Rouzbeh Nikberg

Regional Sales Manager - Cortex, Palo Alto Networks

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are characterized by chaos, struggling with siloed tools, manual processes, and reliant on the old premise of high-volume, low-fidelity rule-based correlation for everything from detection to investigation. The tightly integrated offering of Cortex XDR and XSAOR transforms SOCs from cost centers to business enablers, providing unified prevention, analytics-based detection across data sources, centralized case management, one-click attack investigation, and automated playbook-driven response that removes reduces MTTD and MTTR for every security use case. As your lean SOC transforms to an automated proactive model, so do your analysts, spending less time on manual reactive processes and more on hunting for unknown threats and transferring knowledge gained into future improvement.


Universal Privilege Management: Secure Every Privilege, Every Time

Christopher Hills

Deputy Chief Technology Officer, BeyondTrust

Virtually every cybersecurity breach today involves the exploitation of privileged access. Privileges are initially exploited to infiltrate an IT environment; once compromised by threat actors, privileges are further leveraged to move laterally, access assets, install malware, and inflict damage. 


Enterprises of all sizes have experienced a privilege explosion, driven by trends like cloud computing, DevOps, and edge computing, and the proliferation of non-human identities and accounts.  As a result, privileged access is pervasive across the modern IT environment, yet it is often inadequately managed and monitored. Many organizations assume that password management will solve the privilege problem—but it’s only a partial solution. 


In this 7 minute session, learn about Universal Privilege Management, and how it is used to secure every user, session, and asset across your IT environment. Chris will over: 

·         Why relying on password management alone leaves dangerous gaps in protection 

·         Disrupting the cyberattack chain with privileged access security controls 

·         Keys to a frictionless PAM solution that is invisible to end users 


Break with Meetings and Networking


Roundtable discussions (Parallel Sessions)

Roundtable 1

12:15 - 12:30

Working From Home – New or Next Normal?

Jan Hornqvist

Regional Sales Director Nordics & Baltics, Pulse Secure

Roundtable 2

12:15 - 12:30

Self-service or outsource your security.. achieving operational resilience together or independently

Ronald Pool

Cyber Security Specialist, CrowdStrike

Roundtable 3

12:15 - 12:30

Continuous Trust with AI

Baldeep Dogra

Director of Product Marketing, BlackBerry

Final Remarks

Charlotte Thygesen Poulsen

Vice President, Events and GMS, IDC Benelux,, IDC Nordic

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