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The Future of Digital Infrastructure is Cloud!

DIGITAL FORUM | Sweden | December 2, 2021
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Multicloud 4.0


In 2021, the cloud market is becoming more specialised, and industry clouds are emerging to help customers in regulated industries to utilise cloud in a compliant way. The future of the digital platform has cloud as its design point and operating model, and customers are building out their hybrid and multicloud architectures. IT organizations need to handle multilayer business applications in complex multicloud operations as well as dynamic cloud-native applications on the same digital platform. ​Key challenges are cost management, data management, security, performance and management across multiple clouds. 

To deal with these challenges successfully, IT organisations should look not only at the technology evolution and select the right cloud providers, cloud operating model, and target architecture, but also at the development of skills and the cultural change that follow the change in technology platform.​

IDC's Multicloud 2021 will review industry trends and provide you with an opportunity to look at the ways companies can move from islands of innovation to cloud-based operating models at scale and drive a cultural evolution to speed up innovation and business transformation. 


Event Highlights

We would like to thank all the delegates and the partners who participated at this event.

A selected group of IT and business leaders came together to network and learn from IDCs analysts, inspiring speakers and dedicated advisory board members, who were at the forefront of the lively and interactive discussion.

If you missed the event or if you would like more information on any of the topics we discussed, click the button below to watch a recording or access the post-event content.

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Welcome by IDC

Thomas Karlsson

Conference Director, Events

The Future of Digital Infrastructure is Cloud

Carla Arend

Senior Program Director, Lead Analyst, Cloud in Europe, IDC

CIO Cloud transformation checklist: Extended Cloud, Digital Infrastructure, Open Architecture, Cost and Compliance Management

Raghda Hussein

Country Manager - IBM Hybrid Cloud & Automation Platform

In this presentation, you will hear the outcome of the latest IBM C-suite study around Hybrid cloud. In addition you will hear about the challenges and opportunities IBM see in the cloud market. Topics in scope: extended cloud, digital infrastructure, Data compliance and regulations and cost management. 


How to make your journey to a cloud native enterprise a success by addressing the Organizational impact of Cloud

Clive Deakin

Executive Cloud Advisor, Cloudreach

Industry experience shows that when the journey to cloud is understood and undertaken in a planned manner, they can provide companies innovative ways to deliver existing services, whilst also providing rapid access to new capability, help to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and drive efficiencies. 

  • Transformation and Change is not just about the technology it's about the journey from AS-IS to TO-BE and impact across the company.
  • A TO-BE model shows how an organization should be supported by its employees and its organizational structure to deliver and execute the organization's future strategy. 
  • Empower and accelerate cloud adoption at scale though effective change. 

Sustainable Cloud – Avoiding persistent drizzle…

Stuart Lee

Avanade Global Azure Platform COE Lead, Avanade
  • Using data to increase your cloud confidence, avoid cloud sprawl, drive efficiencies and be future ready, Now.

Why a true multi-cloud strategy has to include the network edge

Hooman Beheshti

VP Technology, Fastly

While multi-cloud deployments, be they for redundancy, breadth of functionality, or pricing, have become commonplace, these deployments don't stop with using multiple core cloud infrastructures. Developers are realizing the combination of the central cloud together with an intelligent edge cloud at the perimeter of the network creates the most powerful, flexible, performant, and secure ecosystem for deploying the best applications


Fireside Chat Sessions (Parallel Sessions)

Session 1:

10:05 - 10:20

How to overcome the challenges on the CIO Cloud Transformation Checklist

Raghda Hussein

Country Manager - IBM Hybrid Cloud & Automation Platform

Jan Horsager

Research Director, IDC

Session 2:

10:05 - 10:20

Cloud Cost Management

Mario Thomas

AWS Spokesperson, and Head of Experienced-Based Acceleration (EBA) in EMEA Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Clive Deakin

Executive Cloud Advisor, Cloudreach
Session 1:
10:05 - 10:20

How to overcome the challenges on the CIO Cloud Transformation Checklist

Session 2:
10:05 - 10:20

Cloud Cost Management


Coffee Break


Going Cloud - Aligning IT Operations for Change

Johan Westman

Enterprise Architect at SEB Strategy & Architecture, SEB Group
  • In preparing for the accelerating shift towards digitalization, much has been accomplished. So far, a fair amount of focus and change has been applied to the development cycle, specifically through Devops.
  • In IT operations, where lights are kept on and foundational services continue to run, there is however a need to clarify the direction in which the organization must move. 
  • With a shift towards a substantial cloud workload share, care will need to be taken to transform in a way where both traditional systems and cloud native are well managed. Initial approaches have been to create new teams to build and manage new - in isolation. However, it is not scalable or affordable to maintain two sets of People, Processes and Technology at this scale. 
  • In this presentation I will discuss and advise of the direction that needs to be taken to achieve this transformation for IT Operations. 

OCI and Multi-Cloud - Reflecting your Data Centre reality

James Allerton-Austin

Senior Director - Technology Strategy and OCI Center of Excellence, EMEA, Oracle

It’s a fact of life that moving to cloud optimally requires a multi-cloud strategy. The question is what is a multi-cloud strategy and how are customers typically approaching it? Is there only one answer or many? Join this session to hear about what Oracle is seeing in the multi-cloud marketplace, what approaches OCI customers are taking in a diverse IT estate to migrate to cloud, leveraging a best of breed strategy to achieve their business goals by using the best tool for the job at hand.


How to Securely deliver modern apps in a distributed environment

Anton Gyllenhammar

Solution Engineer – Automation & Cloud Specialist, F5

Listen to how F5 is positioning itself with cloud-native tools to help its customers make application security and delivery easy, alleviating the complexity in transitioning to modern containerised applications no matter if it’s a edge location, datacenter or a multi-cloud environment.


Liberate your data – become truly connected

Magnus Wettemark

CTO Nordics, Software AG

As companies are adopting to the cloud, they need to make sure they have a strategy to secure that they are continuing to own their data. Adding on the complexity of multicloud, there is a lot of pitfalls of ensuring freedom to move and having access to and full ownership of your data. It’s important to build the strategy and architecture in a way that will ensure you are a truly connected company that always will have access to YOUR data.


Achieving cloud security with confidence across clouds

Daniel Tor Andersson

Security Engineer and Cloud SME, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Hybrid and multi cloud architectures empowers organizations to distribute their workloads across multiple cloud environments so they can get the biggest bang for their buck while mitigating risks associated with individual cloud environments. But it also creates challenges to your ability to achieve unified visibility, governance and security across your clouds.


The benefits of hybrid

Florian Westerdahl

CTO, Lindex

Schrems 2 and other legislation you need to keep on top of when using cloud

Sofia Edvardsen

VD/Grundare, Affärsjurist, Sharp Cookie Advisors AB

Final Remarks

Thomas Karlsson

Conference Director, Events

Carla Arend

Senior Program Director, Lead Analyst, Cloud in Europe, IDC

Thank you for today - platform remains open for 30 minutes for networking

General Information


December 2, 2021


08:30 - 12:00


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Key Topics

The IDC Multicloud Forum will address the following topics:



Emergence of industry clouds – which benefits do they provide?


The digital platform: how edge – cloud – core architectures will evolve


Running business critical applications in the cloud – what does it take?


Impact of EU digital markets strategy on the European cloud market


How to prepare for cloud-native applications: what you need to know


Importance of getting connectivity and networking right for the cloud


Hybrid and multicloud management: creating a unified management and operations experience


Data management in the cloud – from data protection to data lakes


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Get a head start on the market with insights from our leading analysts


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Be surprised by unique network opportunities with other IT leaders

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