IDC Future of Work Do we have it all? Pros and cons of the new normal, the hybrid workplace

DIGITAL Event | November 18, 2021


We've known for many years that the competitiveness of organisations in the future will depend on their flexibility and agility in implementing their digital transformation strategy. The initially sluggish transformation has been given a powerful boost by the pressure of COVID-19, which enadbled planned investments or even unplanned developments completed in a matter of months.
It has also become clear that the necessary changes have not just technical aspects but entering the new digital age requires new skills and competencies from both employees and managers, which need education and openness for innovative and creative solutions, and a willingness to engage in lifelong learning. 
The difficult economic and health situation caused by the pandemic has highlighted the need for companies to pay particular attention to environmental and social aspects such as climate and sustainability, diversity within the company, as well as the growing expectations of well-educated workers that actions to be taken to create a healthier working environment and more ideal work-life balance, in addition to increasing productivity.
At our event, you will hear from notable experts and leading IT vendors about the latest technological and organisational practices that could make your business even more successful in this new digital competition!

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We would like to thank all the delegates and the partners who participated at this event.

A selected group of IT and business leaders came together to network and learn from IDCs analysts, inspiring speakers and dedicated advisory board members, who were at the forefront of the lively and interactive discussion.

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November 18



Key Topics


The hybrid workplace


The augmented workforce


Lifelong learning


Organizational agility


Women in IT


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Welcome Address

Móni Aigner-Barta

Research Director, Organization Development Partner, Invention Factory Development

József Bakk

Country Manager, IDC Hungary

Navigating the Next Normal with a Human First and Purpose-Driven Strategy

Angela Salmeron

Research Director, Future of Work, European Region, IDC

Whilst digital transformation is positioned as the panacea for success, this approach leaves out two fundamental core components: on the one hand, that humans ”are the engine behind any digital change”; on the other hand, that a “purpose-driven organization” is the vision and ultimate goal of everything, a company’s North Star. They’re vital for business resiliency and growth.

This keynote will address the following themes:

- the hybrid workplace

- the augmented workforce

- leading with empathy



Brave new world!? - Masinia

Györgyi Nagyné Agárdi

CIO, Allianz Hungária Zrt.

I gave a presentation on software robots at the IDC conference a few years ago. What has happened since then? The entry of artificial intelligence, what new solutions does the software mean in its use in robot development?

How did Allianz combine digitization and AI with an innovative, customer-friendly application?

The future of AI - should we be afraid of it or create opportunities that ensure sustainable growth? In what industries do you create new chance?



Panel discussion: Everything you wanted to know about the hybrid offices!

Márta Majtényi

CIO, Tungsram Group

Katalin Laczkó

Management Consultant, Independent

Móni Aigner-Barta

Research Director, Organization Development Partner, Invention Factory Development

Despite initial concerns and mistrust, the experience during a pandemic proved that enabling work from home can function effectively and employers must pay increasing attention to employee satisfaction to retain a quality workforce.

There is no doubt that working exclusively in the office is a thing of the past, due to reasons of environmental, sustainability, profitabiltity and new employee expectations: Hybrid-offices means the future.

But what tools, new HR approaches and IT infrastructure developments are needed to meet these changing needs?

Join our panel discussion and hear our expert guests' thoughts about the topic!


Hybrid work - what new capabilities does the cloud provide?

Máté Gyepes

Senior Marketing Manager, Aruba Cloud

The skills needed for hybrid work — supporting location-independent collaboration and communication, individual and teamwork — (e.g., video conferencing, content sharing) in the cloud can be provided most easily, scalably, securely, and cost-effectively. In addition, cloud services supporting hybrid work elevate work support and work efficiency to a higher level with artificial intelligence, analytical and automation capabilities.

But where are we now? Tools and technologies can be easily assembled, but can local businesses keep up with digital change? What will / could be different in 2022 than the two COVID years?


Organizational agility - alignment of corporate IT in a VUCA environment

Brigitta Popovicsné Koncsos

Director of IT & Digital Technology, Managing Director, E.ON Digital Technology Hungary

In a highly changing environment, every IT manager needs to rethink how he or she can play a key role within the company — being both a trusted service provider and an innovative technology partner.

Based on my own experience, I give an insight into how the development of corporate IT has been affected by the biggest energy reorganization of the last decade, whether we have questioned our role, how we react to it and how it affects the group as a whole. Is it possible to build an organization that is constantly adapting to change?


Panel discussion: What is the secret of an agile and resilient system? The learning organization.

Melinda Szabó

Chief Commercial Officer, Magyar Telekom

Boglárka Szentpétery

HR Director, Microsoft Hungary

Éva Rácz Székely

HR Organization Development Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary

During critical situations, you mostly rely on what you already know, and the scope of the problem varies across different industries and functions. This year people were either laid-off, transferred into unfamiliar positions, or moved to another company. In the light of these events, it became apparent the need for talent and a workforce that is agile enough to adapt to the ever-changing world of work.



Future of Work with Cisco

Richard Archdeacon

EMEA Advisory CISO, Duo Security at Cisco

The Future of Work is coming. And it’s borderless, lightning-fast, highly creative.

According to Cisco’s Workforce of the Future survey, employees want greater ownership and choice in the new world of work. The study captured their feelings about working from home this year, their expectations for their organizations in 2021, and what learnings and new working practices they wish to adopt for the future. Finally, it sets a path forward for business leaders looking beyond the new normal.

Join Richard Archdeacon as he discusses Cisco’s Future of Work by establishing a secure and trusted workplace environment anywhere and everywhere your workforce is, with a SASE and Zero Trust approach.



Work Redefined - Ideas from Dell

Levente Molnár

Products and Services Sales Specialist – Client Solutions, Dell

Hybrid world, hybrid life, hybrid work – but is there anything we forgot? In my presentation I would like to provide you with some thought-provoking ideas that - paired with the opportunities Dell portfolio can guarantee – will contribute to the success of our enterprise, no matter what future brings.


Panel Discussion: Women in IT and their influnce on the business

Andrea Szeiler

Founding Member, President, WITSEC

Kata Pál

Head of International Business Development & Innovation, Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB)

Edit Ditte Szabó

Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer, DitteDigital

Over the past decade, diversity and inclusion have gained momentum, shedding light on the critical role of women in technology. Globally several women have assumed leadership positions with success, confirming findings that diverse organizations perform better, hire better talent, have more engaged employees, and retain workers better than companies that do not focus on D&I.

At its very core, digital transformation is about cultural change. Other than the technology aspect, it is change management, with a focus on creating a diverse organization. Over the past decade, diversity and inclusion (D&I) have steadily gained momentum, shedding light on the critical role of women in technology. According to IDC research, more than 80% of C-Suite executives think that D&I policies will have at least “some impact” on their business.

IDC research also indicates that at least 35% of organizations worldwide have D&I requirements as T&C criteria for IT suppliers, underlining corporate commitments to strengthening efforts on social topics – as more clients want to work with partners and vendors who share their values.

Due to several factors, like the evolution of 3rd platform technologies or the game changer role of the Pandemic situation, the advanced digital transformation initiatives, we’re in a dawn of a new era. How it will be affected by women professionals? That will be revealed in this conversation.


Regulatory recommendation for teleworking and remote access for the financial sector

Gabriella Biró

Head of IT Supervision, Central Bank of Hungary

The Central Bank of Hungary has issued some regulatory guidance for teleworking and remote access in 2020 in response to the increased utilization of these solutions. The guidelines are mandatory for the Hungarian financial sector, but also contain useful recommendations for other entities who wish to set up a holistic control environment for remote work. The presentation will give an overview of the main focus areas of the recommendation.


Universal knowledge, the answers to higher education

Prof. Dr. Gabriella Medvegy

Full Professor, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Pécs

József Bakk

Country Manager, IDC Hungary

Dr. Gabriella Medvegy represents a centuries-old brand in Hungary, as the University of Pécs was founded by King Louis the Great in the 14th century. Since then, a lot of water has flowed down the Danube, but it is still important for a dean to keep up with the times and ensure the right supply of specialists for the market and science. In this conversation, the IDC Country Manager will ask the leader how he sees the future of the university and technology higher education in Hungary, what he can do today in order to win tomorrow.


Closing Address

Móni Aigner-Barta

Research Director, Organization Development Partner, Invention Factory Development

József Bakk

Country Manager, IDC Hungary

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