IDC Security Forum The Future Enterprise: Trusted, Resilient, Sovereign​

Digital Event | March 24, 2022


As firms emerge from the Covid chaos, the focus on the "new" becomes centre stage. In this new age, there is one certainty: businesses will continue to face disruption caused by Covid and multiple other challenges, such as sophisticated cyber-attacks, supply chain problems, and extreme weather events. Where are organisations heading, and what new challenges are lurking? IDC’s concept of the Future Enterprise spans all disciplines, but core to this is Trust, a must-have attribute for all companies. Security is, of course, at the heart of Trust, but Trust also encompasses sustainability, brand, customer experience other key aspects. Can Security professionals embrace the full extent of Trust? Resilience has become a key mantra but again it extends beyond security. IDC defines digital resilience as the ability of companies to withstand disruption based on robust digital platforms.

What can the organisation learn from Security’s pedigree in resilient behaviours? And now the issue of sovereignty lurks, as policy makers and advocates raise concerns over ownership and control of IT assets, infrastructure, and data. Navigating the prickly world of digital sovereignty is trepidatious, and once again our organisations will look to security for leadership and capability. Are you up to the challenge?

Event Highlights

We would like to thank all the delegates and the partners who participated at this event.

A selected group of IT and business leaders came together to network and learn from IDCs analysts, inspiring speakers and dedicated advisory board members, who were at the forefront of the lively and interactive discussion.

If you missed the event or if you would like more information on any of the topics we discussed, click the button below to watch a recording or access the post-event content.

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Virtual Networking


IDC Security 2022 Opening


Top three things that blew my mind last year


The Future Enterprise: Trusted, Resilient, Sovereign

Mark Child

Program Manager, Software, Central & Eastern Europe

Top three things that blew my mind last year


Platinum Partner Presentation

Dejan Grubić

Territory Manager Adriatic, Veeam

Cybersecurity Today: the Point of no Return

Aleksandar Mirković

Founder @Association eSigurnost

Aleksandar Stanojević

Head of Security and Business Continuity Management Department, Banca Intesa

Dušan Raičević

Research Analyst, European Software, IDC Adriatics

An interview between two experienced cybersecurity executives where we discuss about the cybersecurity landscape in a post-pandemic world that seems to be in a permanent state of high alert. We will discuss the increasing rate of software innovation and agile development and what it means for cybersecurity; what is cyber resilience and how we can achieve it together with vendors and partners; "during-the-war-cybersecurity" and more.


Independent Speaker Presentation: Our two minds

Ivan Dragaš

Group Information Security Officer, SR Technics Group

Why is it so easy to manipulate people? Do people click on a phishing link because they are not trained, or they are trained wrong?

We’ll talk about human hacking and psychology behind it. What is the mind that allows us to click, and what ways we could  fix it.



Advanced Technologies: the Holy Grail?

Andro Galinović

Chief Information Security Officer, Infobip

Bojan Ždrnja

Senior Information Security Consultant, Infigo IS

In an interesting interview between Andro and Bojan, we will focus on determining the impact and meaning of advanced technologies in cybersecurity.

What do advanced technologies really mean?

Can we automate everything and infuse our organizations with AI?

How is cloud migration followed by cybersecurity?

What are the things that benefit from automation?

Are we trying to implement systems that we cannot truly manage or control?


Gold Partners Interview: From Prevention to Recovery

Srdjan Radosavljevic

Security Solution Architect Europe, Kaspersky

Dražen Pranić

CISO, Atlantic Grupa

Branimir Vukasovic Loncar

Account Manager SEE ( DPAD ), EMC

When a Breach Happens

Nevena Conić

Regional Manager Adriatic

Tomislav Brezovec

Director of Security, INA Grupa

Božidar Dajčman

Director of Physical and Information Security Governance, Nova KBM

Darko Šehović

CISO, Association of Serbian banks

People spend their entire careers trying to prevent breaches. However, for different reasons, cybersecurity incidents and crisis are globally a common occurrence. What is the flow of crisis management, from planning a response (in terms of both technology and communication) to executing, while reducing risk and mitigating consequences as much as possible. We will also address the stigma of breach, human factor, information sharing and more.


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