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DIGITAL FORUM | May 31, 2022
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With its ability to deliver higher quality results more rapidly, DevOps is the core of the digital enterprise. Teams practicing accelerated app delivery and DevOps are in a better position to use software innovation and agility to impact their organizations response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

As more organizations start to operate like software companies scaling and automating DevOps practices is vital to continued competitiveness. DevOps means an iterative process of continuous improvement, so as software engineering teams scale quickly organizations must focus on the right tactics to manage, empower, and drive growth at scale.

2022 sees the pressure to deliver software-based digital innovation to overcome friction points in the enterprise-scale adoption of DevOps. However, managing tool proliferation, growing complexity of applications, and the explosion of data that needs monitoring and analyzing for continuous improvement can hold back progress and prevent digital innovation efforts.

With Application environments increasing in both size and complexity this puts pressure on existing DevOps teams. So, focus must shift to change and evolve the way that teams collaborate through automation. At the core of software innovation sits a highly iterative, small-yet-fast release cycle; implementing an organizational architecture that moves the business towards such an operating model is hard.

Increasing securitycompliance, and governance capabilities to provide the right "team rules" is a necessity - as is the need for visibility across the entire DevOps tool chain. Connected DevOps has become a requirement for fast and secure delivery of digital products and services. 

Join IDC's DevOps 2022 digital event to be inspired and learn more about this interesting and relevant topic!


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Welcome by IDC

Charlotte Thygesen Poulsen

VP, Events and GMS - Nordic & Benelux

Connected DevOps: Supporting software innovation at scale

Jennifer Thomson

Associate Vice President, Services, AccAD and Cloud, European Region

The past two years has seen the acceleration to digital driving a big shift in attitudes towards delivering digital products and services. In Feb 2022, IDC’s Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey, found that for 85% of EMEA organizations the pandemic elevated the need for digital innovation. However, as the digital demands of the business continue to escalate, software delivery teams are under extraordinary pressure to deliver more apps faster, putting dev productivity and delivery velocity in the spotlight. 

This pressure to deliver software-based digital innovation fuels the appetite to overcome friction points in the enterprise-scale adoption of DevOps. Focus shifts to change and evolve the way that teams collaborate through automation.  

At the core of software innovation sits a highly iterative, small-yet-fast release cycle; speed, however, counts for little if teams are held back by operational challenges. As many organizations have come to learn, running modern-day app environments is hard, particularly in the context of deep technical complexity, growing security risks and the high shortage of skills capable to operate such landscapes at scale.  This talk will discuss why “Connected DevOps” is the requirement for fast and secure delivery of digital products and services and therein a key pillar to driving digital-first strategic success.



Transforming AppSec: The Top Three Ways to Build Security into DevOps

Boris Cipot

Senior Sales Engineer, Synopsys GmbH

Our technology, work processes and our activities have one thing in common: they all depend on software. It is important that we can depend on safe and secure software. To assure this, we need to manage the risks that relate to it. Buying a tool is not enough to have functioning AppSec program integrated in your DevOps. So what can you do?

In this presentation we will take a look at what it means to build a holistic AppSec program. Our expert explores internal and external threats and risks and how to manage them. So what should be your takeaways? You should have the information about what it means to form a strong foundation for your AppSec program. Also, you should have an understanding as to why it requires more than just buying an AppSec tool.



Does speed trump quality or vice versa?

Simon Norrington

Principal Solution Architect, Tricentis

During this presentation Simon Norrington will deep dive into the following questions:

  • Is testing slowing your ability to release new software?
  • What’s the value of testing to your DevOps efforts?
  • How can you turn this potential bottle neck into a competitive differentiator?



Security: Is it my responsibility?

Daniel Bojczuk

Software Engineer, Cloud and DevOps Enthusiast, WAES, Philips

When we talk about DevOps, a lot of concepts come to the table: continuous integration, continuous delivery, feedback loops etc.

But how about security? 

If you are a developer, software engineer, architect, or act in any other software development role, you must always be worried about security. That is something you should consider from the first diagrams until the end-of-support of your software.

Unfortunately, some teams delegate the security responsibility to the security team. I understand that they are responsible for the security. Still, they should be the last gate, identifying only a few complicated issues.

In this presentation I will talk about who should deal with security and when.


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How to increase customer experience through AIOps?

Jayanta Adhikary

Partner, IBM Consulting, Consumer Industry, IBM

Alexandre Signoret

IBM WW Leader for AIOps & Hybrid Management, IBM

Aberdeen Group found that, ”a 1-second delay in page load time, known as application latency, results in 7% loss in conversions and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.  Hear about the benefits AIOps and learn from a real-case Consumer Products company has increased their NPS through AIOps.  

Walk away with learning and next steps on how to apply in your enterprise.


Presentation by Mihai Roman from ING Belgium

Mihai Roman

Software Engineering Manager, ING Belgium

Presentation by Rick van Benten from VodafoneZiggo

Rick van Benten

Digital Transformation - Manager Agile Transformation, VodafoneZiggo

Thank you for today

Jennifer Thomson

Associate Vice President, Services, AccAD and Cloud, European Region

Charlotte Thygesen Poulsen

VP, Events and GMS - Nordic & Benelux

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