IDC Future of Work Mastering the Hybrid Work: From Vision to Execution

Digital Event | Digital event | October 25, 2022


With a vast majority of the population fully vaccinated in the developed world, many business leaders are falling into the trap that work can be resumed just like the "good old days", and expect that concerns around cybersecurity, employee engagement and innovation, to name a few, will be resolved. Regrettably, their efforts will be in vain, i.e. their employees will leave. Like the virus, the world of work has mutated and changed for ever.

"Adapt or die" says the old adage, with its roots in Darwinism. We are entering a New Era that is fluid, moving rapidly and highly disruptive. Many established enterprises will die, unable to be transformed, but many others will emerge and set the pace to competitors.

What will differentiate high performing companies from those that aren't? High-performers function as a living organism, by being agile, adaptable to a fast-paced environment; they are highly connected internally and externally with a rich ecosystem and constantly mutating (innovating) to be ahead of the game. Moreover, their most basic cell, their employees, are empowered to excel in full orchestration with the whole.

Join IDC's Future of Work digital event on October 25th 2022 to be inspired and learn more about:

  • What hybrid working means and how to make it a success
  • How to provide technology experience parity across home, office and other work environments
  • How to enhance employee engagement
  • How to create an "Experience Office" and make commuting worthwhile
  • How to build better teams in a distributed workforce
  • How to make the workplace intelligent, personal and highly connected


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Event Highlights

We would like to thank all the delegates and the partners who participated at this event.

A selected group of IT and business leaders came together to network and learn from IDCs analysts, inspiring speakers and dedicated advisory board members, who were at the forefront of the lively and interactive discussion.

If you missed the event or if you would like more information on any of the topics we discussed, click the button below to watch a recording or access the post-event content.

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Welcome by IDC

Camilla Hove Toft

Conference Director

IDC Keynote: Mastering the Hybrid Work: From Vision to Execution

Angela Salmeron

Research Director, Future of Work, European Region, IDC

As many people are returning to their offices, many business leaders are falling into the trap of believing that work can carry on just as it did in the "good old days" and that concerns around IT Support, cybersecurity and employee engagement, among other things, will be quickly resolved. For many, however, their efforts will be in vain, and some employees will leave. 

Like the virus, the world of work has mutated and has changed forever!

In this keynote, Angela will address how to successfully tackle key challenges and design a successful hybrid work model. 




Balancing the needs of your hybrid workers: human, productivity, and security

Spencer Pitts

Digital Workspace Chief Technologist, EMEA, VMware

In this session you will hear how you can balance employees, productivity, sentiment and evolving security requirements in a hybrid workplace. This conversation extends beyond the traditional knowledge worker use case to include all types of personnel, especially frontline workers, who represent the majority of today’s global workforce.

We’re witnessing the birth of an entirely new way of organizing the workforce: the “virtual floorplan,” where colleagues collaborate and form connections primarily over digital channels. Hear how this essential but complex balance can be achieved in today’s Hybrid workstyle – and with less resources - by embracing intelligent technologies end-to-end to maximize productivity, morale, performance, and team cohesion.


The new way of working: technology and resilience

Ruud van der Kamp

Enterprise Solutions Consultant, DocuSign
  • Work anytime from anywhere – Hybrid work is here to stay (customers/suppliers/business partners/employees want it)
  • Work smarter, not harder – Leverage automation and AI to reduce manual work and free up time to focus on high value activities Business resiliency instead of efficiency – Covid has highlighted the need to have resilient operations and supply chain for businesses to work in times of crises

How digital personas can help us realize a more human centric workplace

Tony Strows

Head of Digital Learning Strategy & Transformation, Philips

In this interactive experience, I will ask the participants to share their collaboration experiences through a digital questionnaire, resulting in a real-time digital persona map of the audience. From here we will explore the possibilities and where this fits into the work I am doing at Philips.




Fireside chat: Deliver uninterrupted IT and transformed employee experiences

Nirmal Krishnamoorthy

Product Marketer, Freshworks

Jan Horsager

Research Director

As organizations continue to define their future of work strategy and employee engagement, they look for a strategic business partner in IT to deliver reliable, predictable, and responsive services and operations. 

In this digital-first business environment, technology plays an important role in employee engagement as employees’ expectations for smart, automated, easy-to-technology are on the rise. Consequently, technology leaders have a critical role in not just delivering on uninterrupted IT but also transforming employee engagement and experience. 

In this session, we discuss:

  • Redefining IT’s role in building the future of work 
  • How IT enables a delightful employee experience
  • Why and how EX matters




MOMENTUM, New Ways of Organizing for a Future Fit Workforce

Nathalie Hazenberg

HR Innovator People & Organizational Development, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

How do you unleash the potential of all employees and organize work based on skills and drivers of your workforce? 

Natures principles provide a mirror for new ways of organizing, bringing us back to the essentials of organization design. Re-humanize organizations by letting go of what does not support people in contributing to the organization’s goals and purpose.

Be inspired by practical examples how, with learning by doing, you can create a learning organization that is ready for a more sustainable purposeful way of doing business.


Final conclusions

Camilla Hove Toft

Conference Director

Thank you for today - the platform remains open for networking


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