IDC & ScienceLogic Dinner - Denmark

Striving for Agility in the Age of Complexity

Copenhagen, June 1, 2022


IDC and ScienceLogic are inviting you to an executive dinner aimed at bringing together a selected group of technology decisions makers from the financial services industry in Denmark to discuss how to handle business-critical high-dependency workloads in a digital-first world.

Striving for Agility in the Financial Services Industry in the Age of Complexity


Operational resiliency has quickly evolved as the major theme for CIOs, CTOs and COOs in line with the massive digitalization sprint of the last three years. The velocity and severity of change driven by a more connected ecosystem taking over mission critical tasks in combination with the move to digital/ hybrid infrastructures have massively amplified the complexity of IT operations, given the hotch-potch of old and new that's the reality of any incumbent organization.

Dealing with complexity is a major challenge, doing it blindly is close to impossible. Despite the massive volumes of data available, more powerful analytics than ever before, and intelligent automation taking productivity to new heights, most organizations lack the necessary visibility of their IT operations to ensure the levels of resiliency and performance, customers and regulators expect today. Knowing where the problems sit in your IT operations is a first, yet crucial step in the never-ending journey to operational maturity. Visibility is the basis for intelligent automation, to identify weaknesses and risks in the organization and to prevent and resolve system outages and brownouts quickly.

With new European regulation in form of the Digital Operational Resiliency Act (DORA) on the horizon, both financial institutions and services providers are under pressure to modernize their ICT risk management capabilities including mandatory incident reporting, ICT third party risk management, digital operations resilience testing and cybersecurity.

If you want to get a head start on improving your IT operations and kickstarting the journey towards fully automated operations, join us for an evening of open debate among your peers and some fine wining and dining.

Together with our partner ScienceLogic, we invite you to discuss the following topics:

    1. Tackling the issue of dirty data. Here we want to dissect the reasons for poor quality of operational data and discuss strategies to improve the visibility of IT operations. Questions to be discussed include: Why is data quality such a big problem in futureproofing IT management? How can we improve data quality? Why do so many AI projects fail?

    2. Preventing and resolving IT outages quickly. Here we want to discuss strategies to move from being reactive to proactive in disaster recovery and use AI to do the right thing at the right time. Questions to be discussed include: How to reduce the number of outages using AIOps? How to identify and resolve brownouts more efficiently?

    3. Best practices in IT operations and business services management. Here we want to discuss how Nordic institutions can improve their operational maturity and connect the dots across business services. How to get more out of existing IT monitoring, IT management and workflow automation systems. Questions to be discussed include: What works really well in your IT operations management? How can AIOps unlock agility in your IT operations? What are some of the international success stories in IT operations management?

Join us at restaurant Alouette on the 1st of June. There are a limited number of complimentary places available, so pleaser register as soon as possible.



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