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In-Person Event | Oslo | September 21, 2022


There are three main themes that businesses are looking at with care and attention: Trust, Resiliency and Data sovereignty.

  • Trust has become a key aspect for businesses to measure and part of this involved security and privacy. The role of the CISO has evolved to becoming the Guardian of a Company's Trust metric.
  • Resiliency is a vital component for being able to withstand disruption, which comes from all directions (pandemic, supply shortage, inflation, extreme weather, massive scale cyber attacks).
  • Data sovereignty is important especially here in Europe with local and EU regulations, and there is an evolving discussion around digital sovereignty.

These three themes impact vendor security portfolio and approaches having a material impact on the commercial and structural evolution of platforms, products, and services - with for example Security-as-a-Service.

360-degree security has become a necessity with multi-layered approached offering the best protection. In terms of specific aeras, IDC identifies Identity, Managed Security Services, OT/IT convergence, Security-as-a-Service, Zero Trust, and Cloud security as key pillars underpinning a comprehensive strategy.

There is also growing attention to measuring and reducing risk and creating trustworthiness measurements for supply chains partners and third parties. We expect new European legislation around third-party security and risk auditing.

Join & be inspired! 

Join IDC's IT Security conference to deep dive into these areas with a broad section of industry thought leadership sharing and networking opportunities.

The conference will be held in Oslo on the 21st of September 2022, bringing together security leaders to:

  • Share experiences
  • Learn new techniques
  • Upgrade their strategies to exploit the latest innovative and advanced security techniques 
  • Mindset change to help raise levels of resilience and digital trust


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Welcome by IDC

Janine Olsson

Senior Conference Specialist, IDC

IDC keynote: 360 degree Security for Real Commercial Impact [ENG]

Duncan Brown

Group Vice President, European Enterprise Research, IDC

IDC’s keynote will provide insights into the top trends in IT Security and share findings from our latest research. 

Three main areas are currently demanding businesses attention: Resilience, Trust, and Data Sovereignty. These impact business strategy, in turn driving security vendors to develop their portfolios portfolio and delivery models, with material impact on the commercial and structural evolution of platforms, products, and services – such as with Security-as-a-Service.

We see that 360-degree security has become a necessity with a multi-layered approach offering the best protection. IDC identifies Detection and Response, Identity, Managed Security Services, IT/OT convergence, Security-as-a-Service, Zero Trust, and Cloud security as key pillars underpinning a comprehensive strategy. Finally, there is growing attention to managing risk and implementing trust frameworks for supply chain partners and third parties.



Click Happens! - Stopping Attacks with an Autonomous Endpoint Architecture

Ian Pratt

Global Head of Security for Personal Systems, HP Inc.

Endpoints and their users remain the primary targets for hackers. Fortunately, advancements in endpoint hardware architecture allow us to implement more robust, hardware-enforced threat prevention. This talk will examine these techniques and the resulting real-world improvements in endpoint security and resilience.


Debunking Common Myths About XDR

Jesper Dromph

Regional Sales Leader, SentinelOne

There has been a tremendous buzz across the cybersecurity community about the emerging technology known as XDR (eXtended Detection & Response).

Unfortunately for the practitioner, there has yet to be a single definition widely accepted by both analysts and vendors perporting to be knowledgeable on the subject.

What is XDR and why should I consider the technology in my enterprise security stack? What should I expect from vendors who claim to have built the perfect mousetrap? What is reality, and what is just hype? This session is intended to walk the audience through some generally accepted value statements associated with XDR while attempting to debunk a few common myths that continue to muddy the the water for security teams.


Coffee break & networking


From brain to vein – how information security in Statkraft became everyone’s business [NOR]

Kari-Anne Larmerud

Corporate Information Security Responsible, Statkraft

Kari-Anne will show the importance of creating awareness and culture around information security.

In Statkraft, the business areas have the responsibility for their own information, which includes securing information against human vulnerabilities. Consequently, Statkraft has chosen to move information security out of IT and into the business. Statkraft believes that the corporate has a great responsibility to understand the risks associated with information security and to build a culture that minimizes the risk of employees making poor assessments in the event of potential cyberattacks. 

We believe information security is about attitudes, behavior and competence.


Case Study: Coop Norge’s first steps on the road to cloud-based identity management

Eirik Klouman Berg

Enterprise Architect, Coop Norge

Jonathan Neal

VP Solutions Engineering, Saviynt

Coop Norge is Norway’s 2nd largest retailer with 28,000 employees and 1,400 external workers that contribute to its success. Learn about their plans to manage both internal and external identities in the cloud while keeping the business secure, controlling operational costs and improving the user experience.


Sikkerhet i digitale transformasjoner

Eirik Thormodsrud

CISO, Møller Mobility Group

Eirik har jobbet i flere transformasjonsprosjekter og sitter nå i Møller Mobility Group sin digitale transformasjon «Dare to move». 

Sikkerhet i transformasjonsprogrammer med mye endring i hele landskapet til organisasjonen, fra det organisatoriske, prosessuelle og det tekniske landskapet til virksomheter gir mange utfordringer men og muligheter for positiv endring og innen sikkerhetsfeltet. 

Hvordan ivareta et akseptabelt risikonivå i dagens organisasjon samtidig som man endrer og bygger nytt for fremtiden. 



Lunch & networking


Fireside chat: Agile and Secure Applications in Evolving Environments

Anton Gyllenhammar

Solution Engineer – Automation & Cloud Specialist, F5

Duncan Brown

Group Vice President, European Enterprise Research, IDC

While living in the “messy middle” between clouds and data centers, application security and application delivery needs for modern and legacy deployments look very different. How can we enable an application-centric approach for all app needs everywhere while retaining control and high security?

Join this session and activate your brain to re-think the multi-cloud world from a completely new point of view!


How Old math can solve new problems - 5 ways to improve your Security Ecosystem

Joris van der Linde

Cyber Security Expert, Infoblox

In this presentation I will show you how you can shift left your security layer by learning a new style: detecting and blocking threats at the earliest stage of the attack chain, and how threat intelligence can make your security insightful.

I will explain how to translate threat intelligence into actual security enhancements which will lead to more tangible follow up to ensure your SecOps workload will be reduced.

The old math will solve new problems by using what’s on your network already.



Coffee break & networking


Sikkerhet, Risikostyring og Ledelse; hvorfor feiler vi fremdeles ofte, og hvordan øke sikkerheten?

Roger Ison-Haug

CISO, StormGeo

Praktisk håndtering av sikkerhetsregulering – hva har vi lært det siste året? [NOR]

Jens Christian Gjesti

Partner, Kvale

Myndighetene stiller stadig strengere krav til hvordan du sikrer digital informasjon, IT-systemer og digital infrastruktur osv. Samtidig er det krevende å vite hvordan du skal håndtere GDPR, sikkerhetsloven og annen regulering – og ikke minst hva som forventes av deg i praksis.

Gjesti vil i dette innlegget se nærmere på hva vi har lært om den praktiske håndtering av sikkerhetsregulering det siste året med utgangspunkt i profilerte saker (datainnbruddet hos Stortinget, hackingen av Østre Toten kommune, NAVs offentliggjøring av CVer mv.)


Summary & Conclusion

Duncan Brown

Group Vice President, European Enterprise Research, IDC

Janine Olsson

Senior Conference Specialist, IDC

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