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In-Person Event | København | November 24, 2022


The future of digital infrastructure is cloud in all its forms: private, hybrid and multicloud including edge. To use cloud successfully, organizations need to align their digital infrastructure with their business strategy and master 7 aspects of cloud:

1. Digital innovation and industry cloud
How do you build new digital products and services on your cloud platforms? How do you drive innovation in your industry and exchange data with customers and partners? How do you develop and run cloud-native applications in the most efficient way?

2. Application modernization

What is the right strategy for each application type? What should you do about ERP and mainframe workloads?

3. Data
How do you manage your data from the edge to the cloud in hybrid and multicloud architectures?

4. Intelligent CloudOps
How do you operate and govern a complex edge to cloud environment? How do you keep costs under control with CloudFinOps?

5. Skills
Should you develop skills internally or buy them through a managed service?

6. Digital sovereignty and regulations
What is coming down the line in terms of regulations and how can you execute on it?

7. Sustainability
How can you optimize your digital infrastructure for sustainability and how does the move to cloud help with sustainability accounting?

The move to cloud is no longer just a technology decision but increasingly a business decision that has a huge transformational potential for the entire organization. Strategy, skills, and culture are just as important for success as choosing the right technologies.

Change is the only certainty in IT, and to be ready to cope with change, future digital Infrastructure will need to be able to identify, analyze and respond to shifting requirements with minimal or no human intervention, in order to deliver at scale. The future of digital infrastructure will be a new way of looking at how to build, operate and enhance IT infrastructure in an integrated stack that is focused on application delivery, resiliency and flexibility.


Join & be inspired!

The conference will be held in Copenhagen on the 24th of November 2022, bringing together IT professionals to:

  • Share experiences.
  • Be inspired on how to build business success on the Cloud.
  • Discuss the management trends, challenges, and technology building blocks in enabling successful hybrid multicloud environments.
  • Learn what the impact of multicloud transformation is on datacenter infrastructure.
  • Discuss what drivers and barriers will influence Infrastructure transformation.
  • Share thoughts about developing skills and the cultural change that follow the change in technology platform.
  • ...and a lot more!



Time Event & Speakers

Registration & breakfast


Welcome by IDC

Charlotte Thygesen Poulsen

Vice President Events, Events and GMS, IDC Benelux, IDC Nordic

Cloud for business - how to build the digital infrastructure of the future

Carla Arend

Senior Program Director, Infrastructure Software, European Region, IDC

Zero Trust Made Simple

Tony Fergusson

CISO EMEA, Zscaler

How do you adopt Zero Trust in its simplest form? A Zero Trust architecture should be seen as an enabler to reduce cost and complexity. There are different approaches to Zero Trust, but the key principles should be reducing the attack surface and ensuring you protect what really matters. Join us to learn how to reduce security risk and infrastructure complexity while avoiding common pitfalls along Zero Trust Journey.


Hybrid is hard! So how do you build multicloud?

Poul Kjeldgaard

Field CTO, Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies would like to inspire on the most forward-looking cloud strategies in the industry. There is a common understanding that cloud technologies in 2022 are becoming mature. First complication comes when clouds become connected, next complication is multicloud.

People, process, and technology are still the foundation of a multicloud approach, but multicloud amplifies the disciplines needed to operate the control planes. Businesses are typically trying to differentiate on digital transformations initiatives and hybrid is where value can be generated – but it is not easy with a traditional approach and hybrid is key component in a multicloud world.


Coffee break & networking


Achieving cloud security with confidence across clouds

Geert De Ron

Cloud Security Architect, Check Point Software Technologies

Leverage Cloud to Innovate Your Business

Rasmus Hald

Senior Director - Head of Cloud & Developer Experience, LEGO Group

Cloud Computing is a great enabler for innovation and can drive significant reduction in complexity and costs while improving operational excellence and customer experience. To succeed, it’s crucial to get the buy-in from all stakeholders and ensure that the cloud strategy is aligned with the business goals of the future.

In this session, Rasmus Hald, Senior Director and Head of Cloud & Developer Experience at the LEGO Group, will dive into how cloud technology enables LEGO to amplify agility, enhance decision-making and capitalize on new opportunities to create the competitive advantage.


Automation in hybrid IT: artificial intelligence for sustainability and efficiency

Skander Belli

Technical Account Manager, Turbonomic, an IBM Company

With hybrid and public cloud, challenges such as cost control and sustainable consumption are moving into the limelight. As their complexity increases, designing efficient environments is becoming more and more difficult for IT teams. High impact solutions, such as the use of automation in application performance, may seem risky. They shouldn't.


In this session you will learn how to

o   build trust in IT automation

o   optimize hybrid cloud infrastructure with AI-powered automation

o   make IT teams more productive

o   increase IT sustainability - both ecologically and financially - by using real-time consumption data

o   reduce costs and ensure applications always get exactly the resources they need for optimal performance.


Lunch & networking


‘Composable Architecture’; the modern reference architecture

Jakob Fredfeldt

Head of Architecture & Cloud, DFDS A/S

In 2017 DFDS introduced ‘Composable Architecture’ a program to componentize the monolithic applications to speed up time to market, enable higher scalability and meet the new Digital customer demands.

What is ‘Composable Architecture’, what does Cloud have to do with it, what are the challenges and what advice can be given from the trenches of application modernization.    



Fireside chat: Innovate your business: just do it, but do it right!

Jan Horsager

Research Director, IDC

Brian Andersen

Country CTO Denmark, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

More than ever in these uncertain times,  if companies want to stay ahead, investing in innovation is no longer optional. However, most of them will fail in this journey if they don’t invest in the right structural changes. It is paramount to keep capital investments for business strategic priorities and not for overprovisioning rapidly depreciating IT hardware. But innovation shouldn’t be a shortcut for just moving things to the cloud. Instead, it should let the benefits of the cloud experience come to you, regardless if your workloads reside best within a hyperscaler or within your own premises.  So do it now, but do right!


Hvis IT afdelingen fortsat skal være relevant, må vi forandre os!

Mads Madsbjerg Hansen

Director of Enterprise Architecture, Novo Nordisk

Når hyper scalernes cloud services kun er et klik væk, virker det nogle gange som om, at alle kan lave IT hurtigere end IT afdelingen. 

Hvis IT afdelingen fortsat skal være relevant, må vi forandre os!

Vi skal være skarpere på at forklare hvorfor, det er nødvendigt at have et vist niveau af corporate kontrol med cloud services. Vi skal lave arkitektur og regler, som folk forstår og har lyst til at følge. Vi skal gøre det så let at bruge corporate cloud services, at ingen har lyst til at købe dem selv online, og – ikke mindst – vi skal have vores "nørder" ud af kælderen og ind i rollen some forretningspartnere.



Coffee break & networking


Open Source in the DevSecOps way

Lasse Bruntse

IT Technology Director - Cloud and Infrastructure, VELUX

Jinhong Brejnholt

Lead Cloud Architect, VELUX

Do you trust and use open source? Open source and DevSecOps, can they really go together? In this talk, we will reveal how VELUX ignited the support for digital transformation internally in IT, utilising the power of open source to challenge the traditional architecture and delivery speed.

To get to where we are in a 80-year-old manufacturing company isn't easy, and we would like to share our learnings with you on 

1. why you should encourage your developers to use open source

2. how to choose and maintain open-source solutions in a fabulous DevSecOps way 

Hopefully after the talk, you will go back as a software environmentalist who promotes secure ways of using open source.



Adversarial tradecraft in the cloud: based on Lacework Labs Research

Richard Hensen

Senior Solutions Engineer, Lacework

Security hygiene is still needed even in the modern cloud era. During his presentation, Richard will talk about the trends Lacework Labs Research sees in the wild. For example how adversaries still use simple techniques to do reconnaissance in cloud environments.

The presentation will also address what companies are experiencing and problems they are facing when intelligently operating in complex multi cloud environments. From a security point of view, learnings and best practices will be shared throughout the presentation.


Summary & Conclusion

Charlotte Thygesen Poulsen

Vice President Events, Events and GMS, IDC Benelux, IDC Nordic

Carla Arend

Senior Program Director, Infrastructure Software, European Region, IDC

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