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IDC CxO Directions Forum

Navigating the Winds of Change in a Digital-First Europe

The Storm of Disruptions

In the face of rapid technological change and global economic and political volatility, organizations are looking for new ways to increase operational efficiency and resilience and future-proof their business models. IDC CxO Directions 2023 will take you through the current "storm of disruptions" and market uncertainties and deliver insights and identify what’s around the corner for the technology market in 2023. 

We are moving from one crisis to the next and organizations must be able to adapt to any disruptions to their business. Resiliency and agility are crucial to business success in periods of uncertainty with disrupted supply chains, rising inflation, geopolitical instability, energy price spikes, increasing cybersecurity threats, skills shortages and the ongoing global pandemic.

Companies looking to compete in this environment must be clear about which storms are going to have the biggest impact on their industry and on their organization and devise a strategy to mitigate the risks as much as possible. IT leaders are often tasked with leveraging technology to reduce the cost of running the entire business, putting a lot of pressure on IT to optimize processes. This has proven to be a challenge because of the skills gap where organizations cannot attract and retain talent.
Why Attend?
Future insights not only provide fresh perspectives but can help us adapt to the new opportunities, risks, and challenges that could arise as the post-pandemic world unfolds.

IDC CxO Directions 2023 will provide forward-looking insights around CxO strategies and priorities for optimizing digital infrastructure architectures, intelligent automation, governance, staffing, skills, vendor relationships, and infrastructure sourcing.
We will also share a perspective on how to maximize business resiliency, optimize application and business performance.

Key Topics

These are the main areas we will discuss at IDC CXO Directions

A Digital-First Strategy to Deliver a New Business Model

The evolving technology architecture enabling digital transformation

A Clear ESG Execution Plan

Navigating the storms of disruption

People to People: Redefining employee experience

New digital experiences will require reconfiguration of physical environments

Tech architectures for success

Intelligence & Automation Everywhere

Digital Sovereignty, Web3, Metaverse, AI, Quantum Computing etc.

New engagement models with Tech Vendors


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Tuesday January 24, 2023

IDC Welcome Address & Instructions


IDC Keynote: Navigating the Winds of Change in a Digital-First Europe


A Digital-First Strategy to Deliver a New Business Model


The evolving technology architecture enabling digital transformation


Strategies to Address the Growing Skills Gap


People to People: Redefining employee experience


Everything as a service — Thriving through the change


Getting Ahead of Supply Chain Disruptions


Up-skilling, re-skilling and retention during the global skills shortage


Case keynote: Automation Is not All: In-Person Engagement Still Matters


Fire-side Chat: Intelligence & Automation Everywhere


Fire-side Chat: Ecosystem-based innovation — Driving enterprise value


Case Keynote: Sustainability: A New Driver for Digital Spending


Cyber-Resilience Is Critical to Resolving the Crisis of Trust


Panel Discussion with Diamond Partners


Closing Remarks followed by Networking


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