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IDC IT Sustainability Forum

Driving ESG from IT

Sustainability and IT: How to move up the maturity ladder

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, but an environmental, economic and social driver that’s changing our day to day lives. This has been reflected by the business community, in which committing to sustainable practices is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must do”, driven by several business factors, among them cost efficiencies, access to funding and regulations being the most prominent.

As organizations are beginning to take their corporate sustainability initiatives to the next level, we see an increasing convergence of digital and sustainable transformation. Decision makers are realizing that technology is essential for reaching their ESG goals, in addition to the strategic, operational, and organizational changes that they are making to capitalize on the opportunities of sustainable business.

IT and sustainability bring value and tangible benefits to companies, and more and more organizations are embedding the latter as their company culture core element. They realize that following a sustainability approach is a forward-looking decision, which brings numerous opportunities.
Why Attend?
As the complexity of corporate sustainability increases, organizations need to be strategic about their approach and move from fragmented sustainability strategies to comprehensive, integrated, and technology-enabled sustainable business strategies. To transform successfully and seek a competitive advantage while positively impacting people and the planet, decision makers should consider developing a corresponding IT strategy that will guide the decision-making around technology investments needed to achieve your organization's sustainable transformation.

Join us virtually on June 1 to learn how to accelerate the shift towards social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Key Topics

Linking IT (digital) to overall ESG/sustainability strategy

Impact of regulations & what is the implication for the IT sector?

What is the implication for business? For company transformation?

Inclusion of sustainability metrics into financial reporting

The role of IT departments to support for business functions

Energy efficiency and role of IT to achieve that

Sustainable IT and limiting the carbon impact of IT

Circular economy and closing the loop

Efficient and sustainable supply chain

Achieving a carbon neutrality goal

Sustainability in use in IT

Sustainability, combining IT and ESG experience


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Wednesday February 8, 2023

IDC Welcome Address & Instructions


IDC Keynote 1 (IDC Analyst)


Key Technologies Enable the Transformation to Purposeful and Mission-Led Sustainable Enterprises


Linking IT (digital) to overall ESG/sustainability strategy


Alliance and Ecosystem Partner Role in Sustainability and ESG Initiatives


Coffee Break


Sustainability Software — Global Demand and Buyer Perception


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trends for 2022: Adoption Levels and Drivers


Sustainability: A New Driver for Digital Spending


Keynote Case: Interesting sustainability use case highlighting the role of IT


Fire-side chats: What Are the Biggest Operational Challenges for Organizations to Meet Their Sustainability Goals and How Can Technology Help Solve Them?


Fire-side chats: How Will Sustainability/ESG-Related Spending Change Over the Next Two Years?


Keynote Case: Interesting sustainability use case highlighting the role of IT


Sustainability skills combining IT and ESG expertise - rare breed


Panel discussion: Sustainable IT what the sector needs to do to limit the carbon impact of IT


Final remarks followed by networking


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IDC data context

In the Nordics region, approximately one-third of employees have sustainability KPIs in their compensation package. (IDC SUSTAINABILITY AND DIGITAL, 2022)

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The Link Between New Work Models, Reimagining the Office and Sustainability

In the space of less than two years, remote working has become commonplace for millions of Europeans. According to IDC survey data, pre-pandemic around half of Europeans were working occasionally from home. As of March 2022, according to IDC data, in countries like the UK, one third of employees report having their primary workplace away from the corporate office.

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How Clean Is Your Debt? The Power of Sustainable Finance in Making or Breaking IT Contracts

There is a Spanish proverb, “Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres,” that is often quoted to assess someone’s qualities or credentials by simply observing the friends they are surrounded by. At school, my friends were often regarded as nerds… yep, no offence taken.

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COP26: Technology for Sustainability

Technology was not explicitly mentioned in the COP26 Presidency Program and yet it remains implicitly embedded across the entire agenda as it plays a central role when we talk about measuring impacts, analysing the emissions data, and facilitating collaboration between governments and private companies.

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