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Transforming App Delivery Into an Engine for Business Value

Connecting software innovation for business success:
The new world of collaboration

Under the current economic environment, value add is shaped by the need to drive business innovation while ensuring resource (cost) optimization across development and IT operations. Digital demands on the business continue to grow resulting in non-stop business-driven requests that range from small changes to full-scale modernization of critical custom-built applications.

To compete successfully there is an urgency for European organizations to empower their DevOps teams for speed, velocity and productivity. Why? Because digital leaders release on average 5 times faster than their peers and ambitions to drive further reductions in software release times are not letting up.

As DevOps is founded on the concept of learning this raises the question of whether laggards can ever catchup to the front runners. Transforming the business requires a different approach where tech meets speed meets economics; in this world DevSecOps, FinOps and cloud governance act as scale, growth and innovation levers.
Why Attend?
Whether you are a developer, application owner, business analyst, platform engineer or cloud team, you have a role in ensuring software underpins business growth, competitiveness, and operational efficiency. This means enabling a culture that is much more unified between IT, finance and business teams and allows for an iterative and agile foundation for continuous innovation is a must now.

The growing importance of development, CI/CD, automated workflows, and faster, more frequent and secure deployments are having an impact on software quality and business outcomes. To accelerate speed and quality, developer teams need more resources, thereby increasing cloud costs.

To respond organizations must drive valuable convergence and collaboration across Dev, Sec and Ops teams. Although, DevOps adoption has progressed only 9% of European organizations have achieved a unified approach.

Join IDC and industry experts to find out what success looks like in the digital decade marked by uncertain economic environment. Learn how companies can develop high quality digital services at scale while keeping resources secure and optimized.

Breaking down silos between business, developers, cloud engineers, finance and security requires fresh and holistic thinking!

Key Topics

These are the main areas we will talk about at IDC DevOps Summit

DevOps automation and DevOps tools

Empowered team: structure, skills, and culture

Building with efficiency and cost optimization

Role of cloud and cloud-native platforms



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Tuesday May 23, 2023

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60% of DevOps workflows still remain manual. (source: Transforming App Delivery Into an Engine for Business Value, IDC)
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Transforming App Delivery Into an Engine for Business Value

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