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Security Strategy 2023: Cyber Security Underpins the Agile and Resilient Digital Business

IDC Security Forum

In 2023, the European cyber security landscape continues to progress at high speed.
Luckily, we know what you need to know!

At IDC, we know that data tell a story, we know how to listen to it. Join IDC's security conference to get insights into security and privacy technology evolution and viewpoints on top-of-mind themes for security practitioners.
What is on the mind of CISO's in 2023, and beyond? Major disruption from a global pandemic has settled as organizations become accustomed to new working norms, but the market faces a broad spectrum of risk including amongst other factors a sophisticated enemy in the shape of hackers and cyber criminals.

Emboldened with new generative AI-backed cyberattack methods and a highly mature cyber-crime ecosystem and marketplace, the volumes, frequencies, and attack sophistication, continue to accelerate.

As a collective group: are security practitioners, the Executive Board and the C-suite, ready to meet the challenge? Does the business have a firm grasp on resilience levels necessary to withstand a severe cyber-attack and breach? In the face of these growing challenges security teams remain understaffed, but still must protect critical business assets with what is available to engender trust and steer the complex course of compliance with new and emerging digital sovereignty rules.

The massive move to cloud, the adoption of IT and operational technology virtualization, plus reliance upon extensive supply chain ecosystems are powerful drivers but can result in less positive outcomes, such as increased risk, complexity, and an expanded attack surface.
Why Attend?
Join IDC to address these key cyber security topics head-on, and learn best-practice approaches to mitigate security challenges with valuable insights and knowledge-sharing from experienced security and data privacy professionals, industry analysts, and the vendor community.

We will look forward to welcoming you to IDC's IT Security conference 2023!



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Tuesday September 26, 2023

IDC Welcome & introductions


IDC Keynote: Security Strategy 2023 - Cyber Security Underpins the Agile and Resilient Digital Business


Dell Technologies: Thriving in an Attack Era: Integrated Zero Trust & Resiliency


T-Systems & Palo Alto Networks: Keeping Pace with the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape - A Proactive Approach


Presentation by Petri Ala-Annala from Nobia


Coffee break & networking


Synopsys: Does AI & DevOps = Secure Code?


Fonecta Oy: Building a Comprehensive Data Privacy and Protection Framework - Best Practices and Lessons Learned


Outokumpu: Responsibility of a modern CISO


Lunch & networking


Zscaler: The Evolution of Zero Trust, and why we need Negative Trust


Fintraffic ANS: The CISO's role in Air Traffic Control


Coffee break & networking


Mandatum: Operational Risk Management - Building Resilience in an Uncertain World


Ilmarinen: CISO’s point of view - How to tackle cybersecurity supply chain issues


ICT Legal Consulting: Navigating the Legal and Governance Risks of Generative AI


Summary & Conclusion


Networking & EXPO



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