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Staying ahead of the curve with a purpose-led organization

IDC Future of Work

In 2023, work is going to be redefined - and we know how!

The workplace is under major transformation – where, how and most importantly why work happens is being redefined. Join IDC Future of Work Forum to hear about how to cope with the Great Resignation, and how to help employees find purpose through their work.

Today, more than ever, companies need to re-evaluate what’s their core reason for being, their raison d’être, and how they can have a unique and positive impact on society and the planet. Purpose-led organizations are inspiring and successfully engaging their people towards a higher set of goals. They’re also delighting customers and outperforming for investors, because purpose doesn’t compromise profit.

Their North Star is embedded in how work gets done and, in their decision-making, helping navigate the uncertainties of the new era. When work has direction and is transformed into purpose is powerful and energizing.
Why Attend?
There is no doubt, that the future of work is here, and organizations need to take action now. How we work, the place of work within our lives and even what we mean by work are being transformed.

As the "Great Resignation" continues, demand for technologies that improve the employee experience by enabling companies to understand where skills are best placed will continue to grow. For businesses, what ability to map skills with business needs and overall strategic goals will result in a more agile workforce, improving resilience in unpredictable market environments.

At our IDC Future of Work Forum, we will talk about what the future of work could look like and how organizations and people can prepare for it now.

Key Topics

Purpose is vital for work experience and results into the following outcomes

ESG targets

When purpose engages people bottom-up and top down in an organization to effectively deliver a sustainable agenda for social and environmental impact

Democratized innovation

When teams get together and – regardless of their location, digital dexterity and device – ideate and jointly develop new solutions, driving cohesion and a sense of purpose.

Employee performance

When individual purpose is manifested through work. People are dedicated and work hard for goals they understand and feel connected to

Employee retention

When individual purpose is aligned with their company’s purpose. People stay with companies that share their same values and principles and have a clear and unequivocal impact on society and the planet.

IDC Data Context

Based on an IDC survey, 32% of European employees are looking for a new job now. Of the 32%, 7% are employees who have been forced to look for new employment due to a change of residence or because they are on time-limited contracts. This leaves 25% of European employees who are looking for new opportunities simply because they are unsatisfied with their current employment. Studies estimate that the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from a half to two times the employee’s annual salary. The most talented employees often leave first.

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Knowledge Hub

IDC European Future of Work Summit 2022

Watch the recordings from last year and download the presentations

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What 2,785 European Employees Told IDC About Employee Experience and Retention Dynamics

The so-called “Great Resignation” in early 2021 demonstrated an alarming disconnect between what employers were offering and what employees actually wanted and experienced.

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The Hybrid Work Conversation

According to our surveys, if employers mandated a full return to office work, we find that 8% of employees would give notice immediately. Experience tells us that those 8% are far more likely to be people working in areas of highest demand, where alternative, more flexible employment is easy to find

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