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IDC, Red Hat and Intel Executive Dinner

Getting to Grips with your Edge Automation

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Is Your Approach to Automation Holding Back Your Competitive Edge?

2023 will be an inflection point in the digital economy, with more money being spent on digitally derived goods and services than on those anchored in traditional approaches or business models. IDC's research shows that companies that invest strongly to create a digital business engine — one that moves IT out of enabling back-office efficiency and shifts it toward holistically integrating supply chain, workforce, partners, go-to-market ecosystem, and customer experience — see significantly higher revenue growth and profitability.
This shift toward data-driven business is vastly increasing the amount of information we generate, capture, and analyze. As we move to supporting enhanced customer engagements, introducing new levels of quality and scale with manufacturing process automation, optimizing networks for digital content delivery and hybrid collaboration, digitizing our asset base for enhanced control and operational resilience, or revolutionizing stock control and inventory management, the center of gravity of data is changing from our core datacenters toward a highly distributed and disaggregated network of edge infrastructure.

As edge becomes ever more critical to digital business models and processes, it's vital to get the fundamentals right. A highly dispersed and diverse set of equipment and software to deploy and maintain requires a different approach to that of consolidated and standardized datacenter infrastructure. With such a distributed set of infrastructure and applications, automated setup and configuration is key to successfully scaling edge solutions. But IDC's research shows that only a quarter of companies have extensively embraced automation, and even fewer AIOps, leaving a huge gap in capabilities for three-quarters of European organizations.

Many companies are trying to solve this in-house by building a bespoke automation platform. But this is time, investment, and skills intensive — which is precisely why only the top quarter of the most digitally transformed companies have extensive automation capabilities. There is an alternative approach that is faster, cheaper, and more effective, however — partnering with a technology leader with a proven full-stack automation platform that can deliver the scalability, agility, resilience, and security your business needs to thrive in this increasingly edge-centric world.
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IDC’s invitation-only, complimentary, Executive Dinners are designed to be a small-scale, personal, and interactive gathering, with sufficient time for you to connect with like-minded industry peers. The structure of our event aims to be simple and effective - starting at 6.30pm and ending at 10pm, with discussions being held over a three-course dinner and champagne reception.

Key Topics

We invite you to join an exclusive dinner with IDC, Red Hat and Intel at Searcys at The Gherkin, from 6:30pm to 10:00pm on Tuesday 20 June 2023. During the three-course dinner, we will discuss the key objectives, requirements, and concerns you have about accelerating and scaling your edge ambitions:

Changes in data gravity

The automation gap

Enabling end-to-end automation


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Tuesday June 20, 2023

Champagne Reception and Networking


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First Discussion Topic - Changes in data gravity


Second Discussion Topic - The automation gap


Third Discussion Topic - Enabling end-to-end automation


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Searcys at The Gherkin
30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8BF

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