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Are You Ready For AI Everywhere? Accelerating Business Impact with Data & AI

Madrid, Spain
CIO and Computerworld

Gaining competitive edge with AI requires from business leaders to create a clear and compelling strategy today. In doing so, organizations need to accelerate their journey continuously focused on delivering business value.
As tools and platforms become more accessible to all employees, finding the right balance requires ethical data practices, robust security measures, and collaboration among stakeholders.
Demand for AI, big data and analytics software continues to be driven by the need to support, augment, and automate decision making. As the data market remains highly competitive and resilient, organizations must unlock the true potential of data and analytics while building a foundation of trust and compliance in the digital era.

The arrival of Generative AI (GenAI) in early 2023 has triggered the opening of this new chapter, with colossal levels of industry interest, investment and hype. Already, just a few short months of the arrival of ChatGPT, 22% of European organizations are currently testing GenAI technologies and conducting proofs-of-concept (PoCs); a further 22% are investing significantly in GenAI technologies and skills. GenAI technology promises to drastically reduce the time and long-term costs associated with developing AI-based enterprise automation and intelligence use cases; and at the same time, it is driving organizations to re-evaluate how they use existing corporate data, analytics and predictive AI technologies.
The event will bring together data, AI and analytics leaders to share experiences, learn new techniques and upgrade their strategies.


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Tuesday April 16, 2024

Welcome Coffee break


IDC Keynote


Adopting Gen AI in your company




Aprovecha el potencial de la inteligencia artificial para maximizar el valor de tus datos de forma segura.


Roundtable discussion: AI Deployment Strategies


Coffee break




Agilizando las Empresas Data Driven


Panel: Data Foundations for AI Everywhere


Panel. Governing Data and AI – key principles


Panel: Casos de uso reales de IA replicables en todo tipo de organizaciones




Networking Lunch


Ignacio Cobisa

Consulting Manager

Andrea Vila Rodriguez

Estrategia de Data e IA, Paradigma Digital

Raúl Pérula Martínez

Estrategia de Data e IA, Paradigma Digital

Esther Macías

Directora editorial de Foundry España (ComputerWorld/CIO/CSO/DealerWorld)

Julia Díaz

Head of Data Science, Repsol

Marc Jordana

Digital Lead en Softeng

David Castellà

Data & IA Expert en Softeng

Albert Bautista

Business Development Manager, Keepler

Fernando Muñoz

Director de CIO Executive Council, Foundry

María José Sesarino

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Lefebvre

Luis Sánchez Vidal

Principal Technologist, EMEA, North & South Region | Pure Storage

Laura Polo

MLOps Manager, Banc Sabadell

Julio Gómez Martín

CTO, Dell Technologies España

Eugenio Villanueva

SASE Product Specialist, Cloudflare

Pedro Tome

Director de Innovación Disruptiva y Analítica Avanzada , EVO Banco

Jordi Llobet

Head of Data & Process, ENTELGY

Joaquín García

Data & Analytics CoE Coordinator, Enagás

Jose Carlos Bermejo

Head of Data & Analytics, Air Europa

Antonio Carrasco

Advanced Analytics Director | Artificial Intelligence, COSENTINO

Víctor Andrés Martín

Data Science Project Leader, Alstom

Antonio López

Chief Data Officer, Decathlon

Alberto Palomo Show full profile linkedin

Alberto Palomo

Chief Strategy Officer de la Gaia-X AISBL

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