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DevOps Summit

Value-Driven DevOps and App Engineering in the AI Everywhere Era

London, United Kingdom

Join IDC and Industry Experts to Find out What Success Looks like in a Decade Defined by “Value” and Powered by AI.


The integration of AI into DevOps is further revolutionizing the way development and operations teams work together. By automating repetitive tasks and providing intelligent insights, AI enhances continuous practices, leading to more efficient and intelligent workflows. The future of DevOps is shaping up to be app-centric, focusing on engineering practices that prioritize user experience and value, ensuring resilience by default and by design.

Platform teams are becoming the backbone of this transformation, driving platform engineering efforts that enable developers to build, deploy, and manage applications more effectively. This shift is crucial for the evolution of DevSecFinOps collaboration, where the integration of security, finance, and operations into the development process is still maturing. The goal is to create a seamless environment where all aspects of software delivery are aligned and automated.

The rise of cloud-native AI workloads has necessitated a development and delivery approach that can handle the complexity and scale of AI applications. Consequently, advancing DevSecOps capabilities and streamlining CI/CD pipelines - with a focus on strengthening security and compliance - is essential.

To support these advancements, there’s a growing emphasis on empowering developer experience and productivity. It’s all about easing the developer’s workload, making environments consistent, and automating the delivery chain.

Key Themes

  • AI powered DevOps automation and continuous practices
  • Future of DevOps: App-centric engineering
  • Where are we on DevSecFinOps collaboration
  • Cloud native AI workloads
  • DevSecOps maturity: Impact of AI-led DevSecOps
  • Empowering developer experience and productivity
  • Brand new world of xOpsSustainable software engineering practices
  • Reimagining the data experience for value-driven DevOps
  • Skills sourcing and capabilities
Why Attend?

Join IDC and industry experts to find out what success looks like in a decade defined by “Value” and powered by AI. Designing for “Value driven DevOps and App Engineering” requires a commitment to further breaking down silos between DevOps, CloudOps and DataOps, and creating smart integrations and control points to meet business needs for speed, security and cost.

This year, IDC will introduce the App-Centric Engineering Framework and we will talk about both AI for DevOps and software engineering (internal capitalization of AI for value delivery) and DevOps for AI (aligning DevOps practices to meet AI apps).


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Tuesday October 1, 2024

Registration and Coffee


Chair’s Opening Remarks


IDC Keynote: Value-Driven DevOps and App Engineering in the AI Everywhere Era 


Headline Sponsor Keynote: AI-Powered DevOps: Accelerating Possibilities  


End User Presentation: Creating an App-Centric Engineering Culture


Networking Coffee Break


Track Sessions (Parallel Sessions)


Track Sessions (Parallel Sessions)


Track Sessions (Parallel Sessions)


Track Sessions (Parallel Sessions)


Track Sessions (Parallel Sessions)


Networking Lunch


Connect Sessions (Parallel Sessions)


Networking Coffee Break


IDC Research Insight: Is Observability the Starting Point for Cloud Governance/FinOps?


IDC’s Future Predictions and Key Takeaways


Chair’s Last Comments


End of Conference


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