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CIO Summit 2024

Mastering Technology Leadership in the Age of AI



Charting your organization's path through the age of AI, keeping in mind that we are only just now in the starting blocks, will require a focus on four pillars: productivity, value creation, innovation and responsibility. Driven by GenAI, the initial experimentation and use cases center around productivity but there will be a swift move towards a focus on growth and broader AI as organizations chart their Digital Future. Governance by Design is a must when organizations embark on their AI path to impact, making sure that employees have access to training programs, existing governance systems are extended to cover AI, developers are guided by a Responsible AI decision framework, monitoring and auditing systems are in place and it is very clear, what LLMs were trained on.


Technology and technology leadership will be at the center of this journey, much as we have seen since the beginning of digital transformation. Based on a recent EMEA CIO Quick Poll, two-thirds of CIOs in EMEA are expecting budgets to increase and close to 40% are seeing increases of more than 10%. The focus: AI and data as well as security, trust and compliance. C-Suite leaders are enthusiastic, too, with almost two-thirds seeing it as a key investment priority (IDC C-Suite Survey).  

Coordinating tech and AI investments to drive return as part of a Responsible AI strategy will decide many fates in the Digital Business era. From connecting the C-Suite to driving the overarching strategy and business use cases to deciding which workloads work best on-prem/public cloud/hybrid and managing a potential AI sprawl, there will be an avalanche of decision points. Thus, mastering technology leadership is critical in this next phase as AI becomes pervasive in the organization.

CIOs and IT leaders need to work on the readiness of their organizations for an "AI Everywhere" future. This will require a focus on key enabling elements such as building a data-centric platform, migrating to cloud infrastructure, governing cloud economics, redefining security and digital trust, and investing in skills.

The CIO Summit Spain 2024 will provide an essential platform for empowering IT leaders. It will help them to better understand their new roles in today's AI-infused landscape and serve up expert guidance on achieving success while crafting innovative solutions for current and emerging challenges. Join us as we discuss a multitude of hot topics, trends, and challenges, providing technology leaders with the critical insights they require to adapt to shifting business landscapes, forge new business models, and scale massively in today’s dynamic digital economy.


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Welcome Breakfast & Networking


Official Opening


IDC Keynote Speaker: Reimagining An AI Everywhere Digital Future


HPE Aruba Keynote


ManageEngine Keynote


Session 1: The Next Level of Digital Sprawl


Coffe Break


Softeng Keynote


Session 2: The Future of Cybersecurity


Session 3: Making the Digital business era a reality


End users Session 1: The Central Role of IT and the CIO in the AI Era


Lunch Cocktail


Return to the plenary session


Transforming IT: The Future Role of Connectivity Cloud for CIOs


Fortinet Keynote


Session 4: The Human Factor in the AI Economy


Entrevista especial


End users Session 2: Two Sides of the Sustainability Coin for the CIO – Impact vs Opportunity


Cocktail session


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Filipe Henriques


Thomas Meyer

General Manager and Group Vice President, EMEA Research, IDC

Andrés Mendoza

Technical Director Southern Europe & LATAM, ManageEngine

Víctor Blanco

CIO de Cepsa Exploración y Producción

María Ángeles Vicente


Javier Paniagua Martínez

Director de Tecnología y Proyectos, RISI

David Moreno

Director de Tecnología y Seguridad, TENDAM

Álvaro Ontañón

CIO, Merlin Properties

Jose Antonio Cano

Consulting Director, IDC Research Spain

David Sanz

Customer Experience Director | South Region, Commvault

David Vaquero

CIO/CTO, Nationale-Nederlanden

Tomás Mateos

CIO, Aquaservice

Raquel Pinillos

Directora de Business Solutions de KYOCERA

Raúl Pasán

Responsable de Preventa para España y Portugal, OpenText

Fernando Muñoz

Director de CIO Executive Council, Foundry

Francisco Gonzalo

CIO, Sacyr

Israel Remuzgo

CIO, TOWA International

Raúl Rivero

CIO, Acciona

Sergio Peinado

CIO Ontime Logística Integral

Valentino Gallo

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Gransolar Group

Sergio Maeso

Senior Solution Engineer, Cloudflare

Alain Sánchez

Field CISO EMEA, Fortinet

Toni Navas

Chief Information and Digital Transformation Officer (CIO & CDxO), Dorna Sports

Óscar Caballero

CIO, Grupo Gallo

Carlos Maza

Director de Digtalizacion y Tecnologías de la Información Secretaría General, Tribunal de Cuentas

Esther Macías

Directora editorial de Foundry España (ComputerWorld/CIO/CSO/DealerWorld)

José Antonio Santana

CIO, Data, Innovación y Transformación Digital Carrefour España

Miguel Ángel González-Gallego García-Muñoz

Global CIO & CISO ImesApi Group

Jorge González

CIO, Adolfo Domínguez

Miguel Llorca

Global CIO & Digital Transformation Director, Grupo Torrent

José Manuel García Duarte

Director General de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones, Generalitat Valenciana

José Luis Sierra

CIO, GASIB (Cepsa)

María José Sesarino

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Lefebvre

Asunción Montero

Secretaria General, Cruz Roja Española

Rocío López

CIO en ING España y Portugal

Juan Antonio Relaño

CIO, Bosch

Alejandro Expósito

Director Corporativo de Sistemas y Procesos de Ullastres

Eduardo García Sancho

Country Manager de IBERIA en Veracode

Demetri Rico

CEO & COO, Flexxible IT

Rafael Aldana

CIO, Sampol

Tomás Rodicio

CIO, UMusic Hotels

Javier Ramírez

CIO y responsable de Digitalización en DOMO Chemicals

Beatriz Marco Burguete

CIO - Chief Information Officer, Cantabria Labs

Rubén Andrés Priego

CIO, EVO Banco

Javier Mallo

Chief Information Officer, Leroy Merlin

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