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IDC & Kyndryl Webinar

Building Strong Data Foundations for Generative AI Success

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In an era where 74% of organizations in Europe are exploring or investing in Generative AI, harnessing its potential requires a robust data foundation.

- IDC's Global GenAI Awareness, Readiness, and Commitment (ARC) Survey


While 80% of European companies acknowledge the advantage of GenAI models leveraging business data, only 39% prioritize data integrity practices. This presentation not only will emphasize the importance of prioritizing data integrity but also present a framework for successful AI projects, stressing the pivotal role of data governance, security and management in ensuring this success.

In this webinar together with IDC, Kyndryl and Microsoft you will learn more about why you will need a strong platform and a diverse ecosystem around you to succeed with Generative AI. We will also cover how partners can help you build a solid data foundation including the proper governance and security principles to help you stay safe and compliant to regulations such as the upcoming EU AI Act. 

You will also hear about some use cases on how companies are using GenAI to innovate their business and how Microsoft and Kyndryl can help.

From the data foundation to cutting-edge tools and models, partners can help you integrate it all and take advantage of the latest possibilities in AI.

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