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IDC & ChromeOS Webinar

Thwarting Cyber Attacks: Leveraging Zero Trust to Reduce the Cost and Impact of Breaches

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15:30-16:15 BST


Businesses need to respond to an all-time high in volumes of ransomware attacks. The democratization of cybercrime is seeing sophistication and developments allowing criminals to shorten the timeline from initial access and breach to data compromise to two hours or less. IDC has found that in 2023, 63.4% of large European organizations suffered a ransomware attack that blocked access to systems or data.

Join IDC and ChromeOS to learn from the experts how operating system-based zero trust principles significantly reduce the window of opportunity for ransomware attackers to conduct successful attacks. IDC research shows that ransomware attacks are on the rise. This webinar will provide key insights from the experts on how to protect your organization from growing threats and apply zero trust principles to your operations.

Join IDC and ChromeOS on July 2, 2024 at 15:30 BST to gain insights into the following questions:

1. Aligning zero ransomware solutions with business objectives and digital and cloud transformation

2. See how case studies demonstrate positive customer outcomes with new zero trust features embedded in ChromeOS

3. How to establish a new chain of trust in intelligent reboot


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Tuesday July 2, 2024

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IDC & ChromeOS Webinar





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