New European Data Market study Quantitative Story: Data Sharing in Construction

May 19, 2021

New European Data Market study Quantitative Story: Data Sharing in Construction

The European Data Market (EDM) monitoring tool will continue to provide essential information to the European Commission on the size and trends of the EU data market and data economy, the number of data professionals, the number of data companies and the revenues created by them.

The new European Data Market study led by IDC aims to continue to offer a meaningful and comprehensive understanding of the main characteristics of the EU data economy. In addition, activities will be dedicated to providing reports about various aspects of the European data economy including quantitative facts and figures not yet covered by the indicators themselves. Finally, activities on the development of the community of data-related stakeholders across Europe will be further supported with regular updates on the EU data landscape.

The current deliverable of the study develops an in-depth understanding of data sharing practices in the construction sector and the challenges ahead in the form of a quantitative story. 

The main goal of the story is to produce a descriptive analysis the main critical issues of the development of the EU data economy and society in the construction sector, complementing the European Data Market statistical indicators with qualitative and quantitative evidence based on a case study and expert analysis. 

More specifically, the report provides information on:

  • what data is produced and can be potentially be reused
  • how to support and increase the development of standards
  • data certification by third parties to avoid fake data
  • how to share data with the client and the authorities
  • how to share data in new business models
  • how to share data in user communities/cloud platforms: advantages, challenges and dangers
  • how to upscale micro SMEs that constitute an important part of the construction sector.
  • policy recommendations.

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