Join the session "Big Data and AI Pipelines in Big Data PPP Projects from a Technology Analysis and Benchmarking Perspective" @ Data Week 2021

May 24, 2021

Join the session "Big Data and AI Pipelines in Big Data PPP Projects from a Technology Analysis and Benchmarking Perspective" @ Data Week 2021

The workshop will present reusable Big Data and AI Pipelines and possibly related benchmarks emerging from various Big Data PPP projects.
The content will be based on some of the project contributions described in the book chapters from the forthcoming Springer Open Access books "Technologies and Applications for Big Data Value" and "Big Data in Bioeconomy" from projects in the Big Data Value Public Private Partnership. 

The Big Data PPP project DataBench coordinated by IDC has created an online Toolbox which already contains reusable "knowledge nuggets" from some of the projects and provides guidance for both business-oriented and technical benchmarks. This is now available for input and use by further projects and will be presented during the workshop. The presented Big Data and AI pipelines will show reusable patterns and blueprints that can be relevant for future Big Data and AI projects, with further details to be found in the respective project chapters in the forthcoming books.


Date: Wed May 26, 2021

Time: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


  • Introduction to Big Data and AI Pipelines and Benchmarking (11:30-11:50)
    • Introduction to the workshop agenda – Arne J. Berre, SINTEF
    • New Big Data PPP Open Access books, Spring 2021 – Springer  - Edward Curry, Insight Centre for Data Analytics
    • Big Data and AI Benchmarking and the DataBench project, Richard Stevens, IDC
    • DataBench Big Data and AI Toolbox – reflecting project pipelines/blueprints and benchmarks - Tomás Pariente Lobo, ATOS
    • Big Data and AI pipelines and benchmarks - Todor Ivanov, Lead Consult
  • IoT, TransContinuum and related pipelines (11:50-12:20)
    • Boost 4.0  pipelines  - Oscar Lazaro, Innovalia
    • COGNITWIN Digital Twin pipelines  - Perin Ünal, Teknopar
    • I-BiDaaS pipelines  - Dusan Jakovetic, Univ. of Novi Sad
  • Geospatial and Earth Observation + Knowledge Graphs and Linked Data pipelines (12:20-12:50)
    • ExtremeEarth Data Science pipeline for Linked Earth Observation data - Manolis Koubarakis, NKUA
    • DataBio and DEMETER Linked data pipelines for Bioeconomies  - Raul Palma, PSNC
    • EWShopp and DataCloud pipelines - Nikolay Nikolov, SINTEF
  • Natural Language Processing pipelines (12:50-13:10)
    • Lynx NLP pipelines  - Artem Revenko, Semantic Web company
    • LARA NLP pipelines  - Vahideh Reshadat, TU Eindhoven
  • Image analytics and AI pipelines with Machine Learning (13:10-13:30)
    • DeepHealth AI Deep Learning pipelines  - Jon Ander Gómez Adrián, Universitat Politècnica de València
    • MARVEL Image analytics/ML pipelines  - Dragana Bajovic, Univ. of Novi Sad
    • Invitation to Bench´21 – Axel Ngonga, Paderborn University, BDVA TF6 - Data Benchmarking chair

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