IDC Future of Work Awards

IDC European Future of Work
Awards 2021

The current pandemic has accelerated and amplified long-term changes triggered by the Future of Work. Although it is a difficult time, the constraints of the current work model have forced us to redefine how, where, and by whom work gets done. It has been a great opportunity to create a new paradigm.

Getting work done in the next normal will be radically different to how we know it. The Future of Work, or work transformation, is a disruptive force that addresses changes in corporate culture, the workplace, and the nature of the workforce. This is a prerequisite to thrive in the new digital economy. IDC wants to recognise those companies that have already taken a major leap into work transformation, and is delighted to launch the second edition of our European Future of Work Awards. This year, we are looking for companies that provide the best hybrid workspace, human experience culture, or augmented workforce.


Winner of the "Best Hybrid Workspace": Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic

The Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic is using Poly's video communications for virtual court hearings to connect people under judicial custody. Using a hybrid environment can be critical for sensitive cases involving children or vulnerable adults and makes escort staff unnecessary. This solution has been effectively executed, as about half of the virtual hearings in a five-year target were achieved within two months. The government is now considering extending the project.

Winner of the "Best Human Experience": Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group rolled out Workday's Digital Learning platform in 2020 to support a modern workforce. Learning sessions were curated and tailored to the needs of individual employees with themes including management and hiring a distributed (remote) workforce. Other resources included wellbeing coaching and leisure-based activities such as piano, yoga, and Pilates lessons, which were widely adopted by the organization, particularly during their "Virtual Wellness Week." Wellbeing is an ongoing strategic priority for the company, and a broad mental health program was launched with several initiatives targeting employee stress management and work-life balance.

Winner of the "Best Augmented Workforce": The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has over 18,700 employees and is executing a five-year plan to create a digital culture and enhance employee morale. Targeting "time to care" as a primary goal in its operations, the Trust looked to streamline and automate time-consuming work such as administrative processes and systems maintenance with Automation Anywhere's RPA solution. With it, the Trust is supporting an online HR portal for transactional processes, as well as front end eforms, with bots picking up data quickly and effectively. The staff were upskilled as bot creators during the design of the solution, and over 9,000 hours are reportedly to be saved per annum.

Last year's winners

Insight Technology Solutions GmbH won the Future of Workspace Award for transforming its whole physical workspace to reflect teammates' communication and collaboration, productivity, and social needs. Insight Technology Solutions was supported by global communication and collaboration company Poly during the project.

Humanitarian Leadership Academy won the Future of Work Culture Award for a highly innovative project using VR to deliver transformative soft skills training, helping employees to see the issues through the eyes of others. The company was supported by soft skills training solution provider BodySwaps.

Santander Consumer Bank Nordics won the Future of Workforce Award for a complex, well-executed project that saved more than 30,000 employee hours a year, increasing both efficiency and employee satisfaction via the use of RPA. It was supported by Automation Anywhere's RPA solution.

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