Future of Work

A Blueprint for the
Future of Work in the Next Normal

5 Myths of Hybrid Work – What Employees Really Think

Discover how IDC can support you in these uncertain times and become a trusted partner with Future of Work research and customized advisory services

Building an Employee Engagement Model for a New Era

An engaged workforce builds a happy and thriving business culture. Companies with connected, healthy, adaptable and empowered employees are resilient and poised for business growth in the New Era.

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  • The business impact of employee engagement
  • Why current engagement models are no longer fit for purpose
  • The key tenets of a successful employee engagement model

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Why the world of work will never be the same again Post-Coronavirus

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Returning to the Office After COVID-19

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IDC TechTalk: Conversational Digital Assistants

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Thriving in the Next normal: Top 3 Future of Work Trends

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Navigating the Next Normal with a Human First and Purpose-Driven FoW Strategy

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Navigating the Next Normal with a Human First and Purpose-Driven FoW Strategy

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IDC European Future of Work Awards 2021

The current pandemic has accelerated and amplified long-term changes triggered by the Future of Work. Although it is a difficult time, the constraints of the current work model have forced us to redefine how, where, and by whom work gets done. It has been a great opportunity to create a new paradigm.

IDC wants to recognize those companies that have already taken a major leap into work transformation, and is delighted to launch the second edition of our European Future of Work Awards.

Meet the Team

Meike Escherich

Associate Research Director, European Future of Work

Roberta Bigliani

Group Vice President, Head of IDC Insights and IDC Future of Work Executive Lead - Europe, IDC

Angela Salmeron

Associate Research Director, European Future of Work

Edyta Kosowksa

Program Manager, Software, IDC Poland

Giulia Carosella

Senior Research Analyst, European Industry Solutions, Customer Insights and Analysis

Mick Heys

Vice President, Future of Workspace and Imaging

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